What curtains for my summer decor?

What curtains for my summer decor?

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Not much to change to welcome summer in style! Change your curtains, and that's the boost. We blow you some ideas made of light and colorful fabrics. For a new decoration, you set the tone!

We mix the colors

La Redoute Here, we suggest you combine the tones and try the "color block" with this duo of sheer curtains that will add pep to your windows.

Nude trend

West Elm For a calm and restful house, we dress it with natural tones and fabrics. Beige, ecru, sand - or any other neutral color - are your best assets for this summer. Guaranteed relaxation effect!

Be pop!

Madura With these multicolored Mexican-inspired curtains, we bring dynamism and originality. Very easy to mix the rest of your decor with accessories - cushions for example - in the same tones.

Tie and Dye trend

Becquet Always on top this summer, the washed out effect has not lost its charm. Prefer curtains in peach tones to best match the season and the mild weather.

A pastel touch

Saint Maclou Clear notes are our allies. We dare the simple stripes which let in the light while keeping the freshness of a room - as much by a fine fabric as by shades of green or lemon yellow, all in nuances.

We play the nomads

Madura These ethnic curtains in spice colors and patterns reminiscent of palm leaves will be a real invitation to travel. What to enjoy a little escape before going on vacation.

Graphic spirit

West Elm Sober and timeless, these geometric curtains in printed cotton and dotted zigzag style will liven up your interior for a decoration of character.

We dare Vichy

Bemz With candy pink checks, this woven linen sheer curtain is just waiting for a pretty piece to decorate. And to be at the forefront of fashion, like here, we dare to mix prints.

Pure and wispy

Ikea In summer, the curtains are as light as air. 100% white, we decline textures and materials to play with transparency. Thus, we will better withstand hot weather.