Planters and "special balcony" pots

Planters and "special balcony" pots

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Make your balcony a place of relaxation and conviviality by installing a thousand and one plants! Discover in pictures how to enhance your outdoor space with a selection of flower pots and planters suitable for all surfaces ... and all budgets!

Colorful and festive

La Redoute We love the little colorful planters that will enhance the beauty of your plants. Strategically placed, they will make your garden a celebration! EMSA Jardiniere fuschia Landhaus, La Redoute, € 29.72


La Redoute Put the natural in the spotlight by placing your plants in large planters in natural burlap. Ideal for a modern and chic touch. INNOV AX Large jute terrace planter, La Redoute, 14.90

Special balcony

La Redoute They have invaded balconies for a few years and for good reason! These pots are specially designed to attach to the railings. Perfect for optimizing the space on your balcony! CEMONJARDIN Corsica balcony pot 30 cm - White, La Redoute 16.90 euros

For your spices

La Redoute Ideal for planting your spices, hang several PVC textile pots. Space saving and mini vegetable garden: we love it! INNOV AX Triple PVC pot, La Redoute, 14.90 euros

On horseback

La Redoute An equivalent model ideal for small areas made of burlap to hang on horseback on your railing. INNOV AX Double hanging hessian planter for balcony, La Redoute 12.90 euros

Color again and again

Castorama Surround your balcony with colors by installing colorful planters along the railing. Play with colors and enjoy a pop atmosphere all summer long! Planter + Chorus support 30 cm pistorama Castorama, 14.90 euros

Modern and graphic

Castorama Ideal for a modern and design decoration, install large square pots in black composite which will perfectly accommodate your largest shrubs. Castorama black composite wall planter, € 79

Chic gray

Truffaut In rectangular version: to combine with other square bins for a designer touch. Bac Urbano, anthracite, Truffaut 99 euros

On wheels

Foir'Fouille Remember to choose your larger container models with casters so that you can easily move your plants on your balcony. Wall with casters Bahia - Plastic Anthracite gray, La Foir'Fouille, 24.99 euros


La Redoute Play on volumes and install pots hanging on the railing all around your balcony. Your ivies will quickly take their marks! ESSCHERT DESIGN Hanging balcony flower pot, La Redoute, 7.90 euros

Like garlands

Cdiscount Multiply the colored hanging pots and create a veritable garland of plants and color for a festive pop atmosphere. 10 Cdiscount multicolored hanging metal flowerpots, 35.99 euros

Galvanized steel

La Redoute Interieurs The industrial trend invites itself on your balcony with galvanized pots. The best? Accumulate two identical pots but of different size! Galvanized pull-out planters (set of 2), Bendo, La Redoute Interieurs, € 29.99

The proof by 3 By two or three… Round flowerpot in galvanized steel (by 3) with handles, 64.90 euros

On foot

Castorama Highlight your plants and play with volumes by installing your flower pots on vertical supports. Falling ivy or small box trees will find their place perfectly. Castorama limestone plant base, € 59.90

Green wall

Delamaison Create your own green wall. Perfect to protect yourself from a nuisance or to cultivate some aromatic plants or strawberry feet, it is a very good solution to optimize the space on your balcony. Felt green wall with 4 plasticized pockets from Delamaison, € 23.90.

Green wall XS

Alinéa Even the smallest balconies have the right to their green wall. With several pockets, polyester wall planters accommodate aromatic or strawberry plants. Suspended polyester wall planter for plant walls PLANTATION, Alinéa, 19.99 euros


Delamaison Brighten up your summer evenings by installing your plants in light pots! Two solutions are available to you: bet on one or two pots of a large diameter or multiply infinitely of small pots that you will have across your balcony. Cordless multicolored LED polyethylene flower pot Magnolia Delamaison, 169 euros

Clean elegance

Delamaison Arrange some pots with original and refined shapes. Play on the color contrasts between your pots and the plants you plant there to create a chic and elegant atmosphere. Polyethylene planter in Pure Delamaison, 109 euros

Raw elegance For example, opt for a charcoal zinc pot! Oval flowerpot in charcoal zinc (2 sizes) decoclico Jardin 14.90 euros

Textured version

Delamaison Materials, colors, shapes, dare all the follies for your flower pots. For example, highlight a small shrub by offering it a nice textured pot. ISAM Delamaison textured polypropylene round flowerpot, € 29.90

In galvanized steel version… or a round steel pot! Round flowerpot in galvanized steel with grooves (by 2) 125 euros

A dressed pot We put on the pot covers, for our basic pottery. A small basket will add a warm country touch to your balcony. Terracotta flower pot wire basket 1 to 4 Corbière pots 5.90 euros

Or a wooden crate! Or a small wooden crate! Terracotta flower pot in wooden crate 3 to 6 Céreste pots, 10.90 euros

In the vegetable patch

Truffaut Even on a balcony, it is possible to grow a small vegetable garden. Aromatics, cherry tomatoes, strawberries: a pleasure to eat in the spring! XXL Green Basics growing table, green lime, Truffaut, 34.95 euros

Two-color graphic

Pots are placed higher in the corners of the balcony to enhance your plants and create different volumes of greenery. For a design decoration, we opt for a two-color black and white version! Two-tone round polypropylene flower pot TOKYO Delamaison 29 euros


Truffaut In terracotta version for a warm and classic decoration. Top right vat, terracotta Truffaut, 98.95 euros

In satin stainless steel

Jardinchic In satin stainless steel version for a luxury and chic decoration. Sky pot from De Castelli Jardinchic, 572.50 euros

Various supports Do not forget the supports for your planters or pots and opt for original models that will give style to your balcony while enhancing your plants! Wired metal rectangular planter to hang 22.90 euros

All in one !

Delamaison Models of an all-in-one planter to hang directly on your railings will bloom in the blink of an eye on your balcony. Simple and efficient ! Flower pot to hang Corsica, Delamaison, 12.90 euros

Hanging on the wall

Wallter To avoid vis-à-vis with your balcony neighbors, you decided to install a small wooden fence? Make it pretty by hanging on it white and designer pots filled with cacti and other drooping flowers.

To create a vegetable patch

Du Monde au Balcon Know that creating a vegetable garden on your balcony is now possible thanks to these pots designed expressly to see your tomatoes or eggplant grow. With their geotextile fabric, they allow air to enter the earth unlike traditional pots.

Charcoal grey

Mobika Garden With finesse and height, these very designer anthracite gray pots ideally find their place on the balcony. Be careful not to overload it, so we install several pots only if our balcony does not fit into a pocket handkerchief

Hanging fruit

Bakker Fruits also have the right to a small place. Placed on the fence of your balcony, this planter is ideal for planting hanging strawberries. We enjoy each pass!

Funny pots

Wallter Having little space on your balcony does not prevent some planting there. The proof with these funny and colorful pots that we install wherever we want.

Colorful pots

La Redoute Pink, blue, green, yellow, to brighten up a balcony sometimes just a few flowers planted in colorful pots. Straddling the barrier, they do not take up space but provide a real decorative touch.

Practical planter

La Redoute We are totally a fan of this planter which allows us to plant a few flowers as well as drop a drink or a book on them when we go out on the balcony. Ideal when space is lacking to install a table.

Large colorful pots

Castorama On a small balcony that you do not want to clutter, you put more on large pots all in height than on large square bins. And no question of abandoning the decor to favor the practical side, we dare bright and vibrant colors!

A braided planter

My garden layout Resin woven on the side of garden furniture this summer, but also has a small effect on our balconies in garden version. Placed in a small corner, it does not bother anyone, but above all it brings a touch of greenery once filled.

Planters "riders"

La Redoute "Rider" planters are essential pots for any balcony that wants a touch of nature. Blow of heart for this white and design model which perfectly highlights the pretty green plants it contains.