Coral color code in my summer decor

Coral color code in my summer decor

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No need to wait for the scuba diving vacation course to explore the seabed. Repatriated to the surface, a few scraps of coral repaint the decor in orange-red to immerse it in a chic ocean atmosphere. Proof that the seaside style does not like the blue color…

Coral bed linen

Zara Home Adorned with starfish and corals, this bed linen transports us to three thousand places under the sea. An original way to prolong the ocean mood of the holidays even in bed.

Coral napkin ring

Zara Home Also at the table, coral color and design are all the rage. From the napkin ring to the trivet and the place mats, we love this surprising and sophisticated sea momentum.

Coral tableware

Inès de Nicolay Tableware is also tableware. Therefore, we complete our new summer panoply with this nice hand-painted service, color and "coral" designs on the program.

Coral chandelier

Made in Design They went from the seabed to indoor skies. Who ? Gentlemen the corals! Available in the form of a voluminous and unusual chandelier, here they are, presiding over our new decor of little mermaid.

Coral bath linen

Zara Home The pond is the first concerned by the underwater trend based on corals. Result: patterns and colors are there!

Coral fruit basket

Alessi Stung at the coral reefs, this fruit basket invites itself into the kitchen throughout the summer season.

Coral bed linen

Zara Home Another, more sober and refined version of a bed linen inspired by the underwater coral reefs. Ideal for injecting our dose "seaside" unusual version in the summer decor!

Coral pendant light

Made in Design Less imposing than the chandelier, this pendant lamp energizes the ceiling with certain graphics and controlled exuberance.

Decorative accessories coral

Put in Residence Purely decorative corals, just to plant the decor "ocean", we are ready!