Special wedding: the D-day decoration process

Special wedding: the D-day decoration process

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The wedding decor makes you dream? Come on, we'll take you on a day tour! Or the proof that, from morning to evening, every detail makes this event unique and magical ...

The bouquet

D'Home Productions After the white dress: the bouquet! It is he who completes and sublimates the bride's outfit. We even filmed a technique to make one yourself at lower costs! To discover in video HERE…

The big top

Leroy Merlin Before dinner: the wine of honor. A custom that spring and summer weddings have the chance to celebrate outside, in the great outdoors! Thanks to large chic white capitals, the buffet can also be held there without fear, neither mosquitoes nor rain!

Table decoration

Ikéa A wedding dinner goes hand in hand with exceptional decor. We take out the garland of flowers that adorn the chairs, the bucolic centerpieces, the highly chic place cards, and so on…

The assembled piece

Grandeco Exceptional cake, assembled piece or shopping for chic sweets: in any case, dessert remains a legendary stage in weddings. Normal, our greed never betrays us!


Ikea Comes the magic hour of beautifully wrapped gifts. Here, an ivy arcade has even been created to place them in style.

Opening gifts

Love Creative People Some gifts were predictable, others even required for the care of the bride and groom. But some, more personalized, arouse a smile, like this decorative element, a true nod to the new "title" of the newlyweds: madam and sir.

The lighting

Ikea For a magical day, the lighting will be enchanting! Rain of luminous balls, farandoles of garlands running on the walls or sky of subdued suspensions: whatever the final choice, it will have to sow the surprise…

The "love" touch

Ikéa If there is indeed a day during which multiplying hearts to infinity is not kitsch, it is this one! The newlyweds would therefore be wrong to do without it ...

Wedding night

Brigitte Saby For the newlyweds, it is usually in a royal room that the day ends. A dream setting for a memorable wedding night, that is the tradition!