Maisons du Monde and its children's collection, part 2: girls side

Maisons du Monde and its children's collection, part 2: girls side

Last month, the editorial staff of you presented the special range "little boys" within the new Maisons du Monde collection. Yes, but you had to keep the best for the future! Because on the girls' side, the 10 decorations dedicated to them have everything of a fairy tale. The princesses can even be reassured: here we have proof that "pink" and "girly" do not always rhyme with "kitsch" and "already seen" ...

A princess bedroom

Maisons du Monde No need to wait for the prince charming to lead a princess life. And it's in the bedroom that it all begins! "Crown", "lady" and "carriage" cushions, wrought iron furniture with romantic curves, divine storage boxes, pastel pink color code enhanced with "lilac" touches and the 9 letters of the word "princess" written in capital letters on the wall: who says better?

A bohemian bedroom

Maisons du Monde Sleeping in a trailer is a bit like sleeping in this child's room! Note that this bohemian bias only likes fuchsia, colored lanterns and girly worlds…

A chic and powdery bedroom

Maisons du Monde Madame la marquise (tall like three apples) should literally succumb to this powdery decor. Here, her favorite dress code based on petal pink, cloud white and sugared pink reveals not only a real princess bed, between four-poster effect and featherweight curtains, but also "heart" furniture, prestigious patterns and a mood as chic as it is light…

A naturally girly room

Maisons du Monde What if, like Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, our little princesses found accommodation in the forest? To sleep with your head in the stars in the shade of the foliage of the trees, chat with the fawns, rabbits and birds and enchant the undergrowth of their poetic universe against a background of powdery hues, it's a dream.

A beautiful room

Maisons du Monde The canopy bed is to little princesses what the dressing table is to the most flirtatious of them! It is therefore impossible to ignore a large inlaid mirror to a divinely Baroque piece of furniture! Even the big girls validate…

A gourmet room

Maisons du Monde Foodies! What if we carved out a decor for them? A pastry display dinette with 4 compartments displaying the words "chocolates", "macaroons", "meringues" and "cookies". No need to say more to sweeten the room!

A room that flutters

Maisons du Monde Spring always lasts in this little girl's room. Liberty bed linen, bird cage on the bedside table, flight of butterflies on the walls, all on a light pink background: long live her favorite season!

A gently retro room

Maisons du Monde Rocking horse, patinated furniture, flower patterns: and the charm of the past sublimates the girls' room for a trip back in time certainly retro.

A games room

Maisons du Monde Rose… and playful. This is how we could define this gently pastel little girl's room, in which a little house, soft armchairs, card games and stuffed animals think only of having fun!