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The retro demijohn enhances the decor!

The retro demijohn enhances the decor!

Dame-jeanne, dame-jeanne… Under this funny name hides a large glass bottle which was used to store and transport liquids. Today diverted into vases or decorative objects, the demijohns invest our interiors and sublimate our atmosphere, whatever it is!

The demijohn inspires the decor of our entrance

Bloomingville In this beautiful entry with all Scandinavian charm, the demijohn, diverted in a vase, plays the card of the decorative examination. Simply adorned with a fine branching, it soberly dresses this space, often neglected.

The demijohn talks to us

Bloomingville Formerly made of glass and offering a sleek design, the demijohn is now adorned with soft colors and quotes. All you have to do is follow the following leitmotif: * You live once so think twice *!

The demijohn at the office

Bloomingville The demijohn also finds pride of place on our desk. In a white monochrome version, very refined, it fits perfectly into a light wooden decoration.

The demijohn turns into a vase

La Redoute In this zen and vegetable bathroom, a demijohn is transformed into a designer vase while another is used as a decorative object, without any artifice. We love this art of counting, and you?

Colorful demijohns

Bloomingville For an ever more decorative effect, we follow another trend by playing the card of accumulation. So, to us the different models of demijohns, colorful and more or less imposing. In short, one watchword: DARE!

The demijohn for a country spirit

Maisons du Monde In this space which mixes kitchen and dining room, the demijohn reinforces the countryside atmosphere. In addition to its ultra vintage color, it is its characteristic shape that gives it this retro look.

The demijohn in a Scandinavian interior

Bloomingville Vintage spirit and rounded shape allow the demijohn to perfectly dress Scandinavian interiors. Whether you choose it in its classic version or in a slightly more colorful version, just be sure to match it with your decoration: this will avoid any "faux-pas decoration".

The demijohns sublimate an oriental interior

Maisons du Monde And because it is all-terrain, the demijohn also fits perfectly into oriental atmospheres. Available in navy blue and turquoise, these models charm us at first sight, don't you?

The demijohn decorates the living room

Bloomingville We finish our decoding of the demijohn trend with this Nordic atmosphere, made of light wooden furniture, pastel colors, decorated with cozy cushions. Most ? The pretty powder pink demijohn that enhances the whole.