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Original tiles for a personalized floor

Original tiles for a personalized floor

To energize a room without changing the decoration, we put on the very original Around the wall floor tiles! Made of PVC and adhesives, they are easy to install and maintain. They combine aesthetics and great practicality. Zoom on 5 decors which will give a new dimension to your floor.

Red Star Collection

Around the wall ### The Red Star collection features small red diamonds enclosed in dark green circles for a very original optical effect. The ground then presents an indisputable graphic aspect!

Wind Rose Collection

Around the wall ### The Rose des Vents collection looks like little tomettes but in a bright red which stands out in contrast to the white of the floor. The patterns take on the appearance of a wind rose for a graphic and colorful floor.

Rosemary Collection

Around the wall ### To give a retro and original touch to the ground, we put on Rosemary PVC tiles which have small colorful flowers on a black background dotted with stylized green leaves. The floor then becomes a real vintage field of flowers thanks to an aspect of cement tiles.

Capucine Collection

Around the wall ### For a refreshing decor, we choose the Capucine model which presents small bouquets of flowers installed in white circles that disperse on a blue background with graphic patterns.