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Library: the 10 favorites of the editorial staff

Library: the 10 favorites of the editorial staff

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As clever as it is decorative, the library allows you to make room for space while decorating, with style, a space that looks like you, populated by books, magazines, trinkets or even memories of travel. In metal or wood, classic or modular, Scandinavian, vintage or industrial? There is something for everyone, so get inspired!

A modular library

Design Ikonik Timeless, this library is flexible at will. Between posts in lacquered steel wire and trays in wood veneered particles, it's up to you to compose the library of your dreams. ** 1194 euros ** More info here

A low library

Hay Both practical and friendly to small spaces, this library is made up of a structure in natural solid oak, enhanced by a superb veined appearance. As a bonus? Pretty removable shelves in pastel colors. ** 525 euros ** More info here

A vintage library

Maisons du Monde Vintage, this library has it all: between light wood and retro colors. With 4 shelves and very practical dimensions, this library will fit easily into a retro or contemporary interior. ** 99.99 euros ** More info here

A timeless library

Ikea Classic from the Swedish brand, the Billy bookcase fits easily into all types of interior. Ideal in a bedroom, as in a living room, Billy will help you clean up. ** 39.90 euros ** More info here

An original library

ENO Studio Attention, things are moving! Graphic, asymmetrical and offbeat, this is an original library to say the least. Between optical illusion, beautiful finishes and soft colors, we adopt without delay this superb library. ** From 790 euros ** More info here

A metal bookcase

AM PM All dressed in white, this metal bookcase offers light and graphic lines. As comfortable in a classic interior as in a more contemporary style, there is an emergency for this pretty library. ** 199 euros ** More info here

A 2 in 1 library

AM PM Space saving and 2 in 1, this library particularly appeals to us. In addition to a magnificent structure combining metal and wood, a clever work tablet allows you to combine library and office functions. ** 589 euros ** More info here

A nature library

Maisons du Monde Clean, zen and nature, this library is made up of a library section and a buffet section. Perfect in a living room or dining room, let yourself be seduced by its elegant design. ** 1299 euros ** More info here

A labyrinth library

Maisons du Monde Ultimate favorite for this library with an original design. Between clean lines and light wood, this piece of furniture will create an impression of lightness in your living space. ** 699.90 euros ** More info here