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Beach days: everyone's favorite furniture!

Beach days: everyone's favorite furniture!

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By dint of seeing the rain fall, we thought that the holidays were never going to arrive. Fortunately, we can now dream of the beach and coconut palms, nap breaks, lunch, reading, sunbathing and games by the water! It remains to choose the outdoor furniture, more or less nomadic, which will accompany these special moments ...

The deckchair

Ikéa In less imposing and easier to move than a sunbathing, there is the deckchair! Thanks to its foldable feet, it is transported under the arm, before settling there for a day of pure idleness…

The hammock

Hästens To snooze in the shade of a palm tree, suspended a few centimeters from the fine sand, nothing like a hammock where to swing gently, according to the summer breeze! Luxury to let go…

The plastic chair

Alinéa This one, we like for its featherweight and its armrests bringing its comfort closer to that of the armchairs. Easy to transport, comfortable but also available in all colors.

The folding chair

Ikea There is more practical (although slightly less comfortable) than the plastic chair: the foldable chair! In one clap, it is made extra flat to be transported under the arm, the air of nothing.

The Chilean

Casino Between the foldable chair and the Chilean chair, there is only one nuance: the unique canvas serving as backrest and seat! A double comfort promise allowing you to be in a semi recumbent position!

The booster chair

Ikéa A more advanced version of the plastic chair: the plastic armchair! It has the same advantages: light and therefore easy to transport. However, the chair is larger, therefore more comfortable.

The tent

Ikéa To take shelter in the shade for a short nap or to improvise a playground for children: we adopt without thinking the small tent!

The side table

Alinéa A small foldable table on which to put magazines and cocktails, a small table to have a place to have lunch or have an aperitif, we say yes!

The couch

Ikea Needless to draw a picture to understand that this piece of furniture is not the most frequented companion on crowded beaches! Because offering yourself the luxury of setting up a couch in the middle of the beach implies solid arms to carry it, a modular version to transport it and a private beach to have the right to install it there. Many conditions, but when they are met, it is the chic of the lounge and the exceptional aperitif!