A dining room with southern accents

A dining room with southern accents

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Lovers of natural materials and seduced by light and bright colors opt for a dining room in southern colors. Ocher hues, lavender blue, olive green, wood and terracotta tiles ... this style charms us with its warm and exotic side. Focus on ten dining rooms where life is good.

Yellow to energize your South-inspired dining room

Miliboo A simple and effective trick to wake up a dull dining room, yellow paint! This pretty color smells good of the South and summer and will undoubtedly energize your space. To bring a Provencal touch to your room, you will decorate the space with Provencal fabrics and wooden furniture.

A chic and elegant dining room

Decoration and Provence You want to decorate your dining room with the colors of Provence. Choose colors that reflect cheerfulness and friendliness. For your walls and floors you select gray, white, rust or mustard yellow hues enhanced by country colors such as lavender, cobalt blue, green or orange.

A dining table in the colors of the South

Maisons du Monde Receive with charm and generosity all your family or friends in the company of the Provence dining table seen on the Maisons du Monde website. Worked with an ivory patina paint and surmounted by a tray in aged recycled pine, it showcases natural materials and will fit easily into a Provencal style dining room.

Terracotta stone tiles

Deco Mobilier To give a friendly and warm style to your decoration, nothing like the charm of the South and the old. A dining room with Provencal accents begins with the choice of materials for the floor. Of course, we favor those that will bring cachet to your space. Wood, ceramic tiles, terracotta floor tiles come in a wide choice of colors. Beige, twine, brown, clay ... the tomette will give a very authentic look to your floor.

Provencal inspiration

Garnier Thiebaut You could almost hear the cicadas singing in this beautiful Provencal style dining room which adjoins the living room with yellow walls coated with lime. Romance or evoking an evening by the fireplace… this dining room will charm you with its authentic style.

Natural parquet

Tarket The dining rooms in the south charm us with the pleasant feeling of well-being and the warmth they convey. With natural parquet, our imagination travels to the heart of these beautiful homes where the taste of the old has great value.

Sparkling colors

Barn The Provencal decoration is characterized by its colors. Bright colors that we find in the landscapes of the South and which will undoubtedly bring dynamism to your too monotonous space. For this, adopt ocher, olive green or brick red colors. You can just as easily dare the warm colors that you associate with authentic objects.

A clever blend of Provencal and contemporary style

Barn You thought that Provencal style and contemporary atmosphere were incompatible. Think again ! It is quite possible to mix modern furniture with colorful accessories inspired by the South.

Mediterranean atmosphere in the dining room

Maisons du Monde You love the seaside style, then you will be won over by this sublime Mediterranean style dining room. Soft colors, white stones and selected furniture in light colors will bring a touch of serenity which is very timely.