10 chewable fans to ventilate your summer decor

10 chewable fans to ventilate your summer decor

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It's summer and it's hot. Sometimes too hot. The solution ? A selection of small, posable and really beautiful fans, just in time to refresh our decor.


Delamaison Favorite for this 100% black mini fan that has become a real must-have. A success that its pretty plastic is not the only one to justify since it can also boast of being a mini radio that you take everywhere with you. A little breeze while music: who says better to accompany our summer?


Delamaison Notice to informed fashionistas! Here are two hand-picked fans to ventilate your ideas and your desires to be chic, feminine and trendy until the end of the decor. Fuchsia or pastel pink, each to choose their favorite model!


Delamaison A touch of sun and freshness at the same time, this super cute mini fan that you can easily put on the desk, night table or coffee table makes an excellent summer ally!


Delamaison A sleek circle like a UFO fallen from the sky: this is what this fan looks decidedly turned towards the future. Aesthetics, design, performance and originality to serve us.


Delamaison Lightweight for this highly sophisticated fan. The secret of her chic outfit? Absolute opacity and tapered lines forming a beautiful halo around its propellers ...


Delamaison Color stainless for this miniature fan, which, inside or outside, hastens to lift the wind and the freshness of life. For lovers of the loft, industrial and urban style!


Delamaison The freshness brought by this fan passes, as well by its motorized propellers as by its duo of colors white / apple green!


Delamaison We love the retro old-fashioned look of this red mini fan. Or the best way to air out at home or in the office like "Mad Men".


Delamaison Lightness of lines for this fan deploying its rays tinged with black with a fine elegance. The chic version making the higher degrees more bearable.