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Children's bed gets higher

Children's bed gets higher

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Because children love to dream that they touch the stars where they fly during their sleep, we offer them a high bed so that they have sweet dreams. Both practical and aesthetic, these beds are sure to appeal to parents and children alike.

A high bed but not too much

Goal ### If you do not want to choose the height of the loft bed, know that there are also half-height beds that make the child feel safe. Under the bed, there is usually storage space or a small desk, which is very practical when space is scarce.

A bed with a ladder

Fly ### Even if the bed is not very high, your child will particularly appreciate having to climb the ladder to access his bed, like a small sanctuary where parents could not come. Under the bed, you can imagine creating a small cabin where your child will invent stories.

A storage bed

La Redoute ### Note that the underside of a high bed will be ideal for storage. You will find cupboards but also shelves that will transform the bed into a practical module in the child's bedroom. The bed is clever and very decorative.

Bunk beds

La Redoute ### If your children share their room, you can opt for a bunk bed. And so that the child who sleeps in the bottom bed, also finds himself in height, we choose a model that raises the bed by placing storage at the base. The two beds will then rise in height.