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Black & white trend in the dining room

Black & white trend in the dining room

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In the dining room, the choice of colors can help create an original atmosphere. With a black and white duo, your room will be chic and elegant which will enhance your style whether it is design or more classic! Demonstration in pictures.

Black and white for a classic style

Maisons du monde ### If you live in a Haussmannian apartment, you can also bet on a decor that mixes black and white. Leave your white walls and play with black furniture in classic lines.

Black and white for a baroque style

Conforama ### To create a slightly baroque atmosphere, black and white furniture and accessories are combined with silver-colored objects. Here the chairs and the chrome lamp bring shine to the decor.

Black and white for a clean style

Fly ### For a very refined style, choose a dominant color and have only a few touches of black. Here, all you need is a vase, a suspension and chair slabs to create a very designer contrast.

Black and white for a glamorous style

Fly ### If you want to bring a glamorous touch to your stay, choose black as the main color in furniture and accessories. Leave your walls white to highlight them and add a touch of pink color for example to bring a feminine style.