Lace makes beauty in the house!

Lace makes beauty in the house!

If the French lace of Kate Middleton's wedding dress did not fail to seduce, this fabric is also very trendy in the house with furniture and objects that take up this very light and delicate pattern. When the house is done in lace, the result is also royal!

A lace table set

Cocobohème ### And lace is also installed on place mats to bring a nostalgic and feminine touch to the table for a girl's lunch or a snack around a cup of tea. In the center of the table set, Cocobohème winks at the famous Madeleine de de Proust with a nice quote.

Sleep in lace

La Redoute ### Lace is also installed in the bedroom to make your bed a jewel of elegance. A simple white bedding set is thus sublimated by borders and other lace details. This timeless bed linen adapts to classic but also contemporary decors.

The lace in the furniture

Maisons du monde ### We will also find lace in the furniture for creations that are transparent and play with light. This screen for example, will not fail to reveal what is on the other side with great subtlety.

Refined lace accessories

Lene Bjerre Design ### To sublimate the simplest accessories of the house, the creators evoke lace! Thus, these bathroom accessories are covered with reliefs reminiscent of lace for a very feminine touch in this room.