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La Ferme de Marjolet, calm and serenity

La Ferme de Marjolet, calm and serenity

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La Ferme de Marjolet is hidden behind the hills of Monthelie and Volnay, just 5 km from Beaune. In the heart of a green and wild valley, this guest house will seduce you with its exceptional location and level of well-being. It is a place of independent living and pleasure, surrounded by 18 hectares of woods and hilly meadows.

A farm that is both old and contemporary

La Ferme de Marjolet As a garden, the farmyard has been fitted out with Parisian cobblestones where a swimming pool takes place right in the middle. And to not forget that we are in the heart of the Burgundy countryside, the courtyard has been planted with a Japanese spirit so as not to steal the show from the architecture of the place.

A modern extension

La Ferme de Marjolet To connect the different buildings, the architect of the place, Daniel Nassar, associated with the natural stones of the region a black steel structure of canopy type. An original aspect which marries the old stone with a more recent material. Successful agreement!

The living room of the first bedroom

La Ferme de Marjolet The Louis XIII fireplace, the Burgundy stone slabs on the ground and the wooden beam are ancient elements that rub shoulders with current colors like taupe.

The bedroom adjoining the living room

La Ferme de Marjolet The bedroom has a more contemporary touch. A canvas by a Catalan master and a braided PVC floor warms the room and gives it a more modern look.

The loft

La Ferme de Marjolet The loft consists of two levels. The bathroom open to the room is treated in a contemporary way. Bright bathtub, slate stones are present and like the rest of the house we find wood and steel.

A contemporary living room

La Ferme de Marjolet We are far from the country style decoration. However, the living room remains warm. The fireplace, the light colors and the clean lines invite you to relax.

WE love !

La Ferme de Marjolet A room is dedicated to treatments. Several massages are offered by a trained practitioner.