10 decorative details that make the difference in the home

10 decorative details that make the difference in the home

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For a successful decor, it's not just the furniture that counts! On the contrary, the details do not fail to bring the final touch to your interior. So we have selected 10 ideas that make the difference in home decor. Discover them in pictures!

A decorative door handle

In the house all the details count including the door handles. The advantage is that you can always change or customize them to bring more style to your decoration.


If there is one rule that you must remember in the house, it is that of accumulation! To add a more decorative style to any object, multiply it! By three or by four, it's always more decorative as with these frames!

A mirror

In any room of the house, the mirror adds a real "extra" decoration. Not only can it be original and therefore a decorative element in its own right, but it also gives a feeling of space.

Decorative suspensions

Is it really necessary to specify that it is necessary to dress the bulbs of the house? The suspensions allow you to finish your decor and infuse it with style so we forget the stripped bulb!

A candle for the atmosphere

Whether to diffuse a subtle perfume or ensure a soft light, the candle is the ally of decoration. It's up to you to choose a large model or, on the contrary, to opt for several small ones for a warm atmosphere.

Flowers for elegance

To give your decor a little life, play with flowers or green plants. With a natural touch, the decor always seems more decorative and pleasant to live in! On a window sill, in a corner or in the center of the table, and voila!

A strip of LEDs for a magic touch

New technologies are real assets to transform the house! We can for example use a strip of LEDs to enhance a headboard thanks to the backlight. Instant magic effect!

A decorative cushion

To enhance your sofa, dare a decorative cushion! You can opt for strong patterns or simply play the card of shades with the color of your seat. In all cases, you multiply your comfort and the decorative effect!

A touch of color

Finally, to awaken the decor and therefore the whole house, why not opt ​​for a touch of bright color? We think for example of a colorful pouffe that will dress the living room in style! More ideas here!