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Enjoy the pool longer with a shelter

Enjoy the pool longer with a shelter

Summer is over, but to take advantage of the mild temperatures, you can provide your pool with a shelter that will allow you to extend swimming and protect the water in your pool. All while offering you a higher bathing temperature. A real way to make the most of your pool!

A removable shelter

Abrisud With this low shelter, you do not alter the look of the pool. Practical, it can be sliding or even motorized to discover the pool as soon as you wish. The water is thus protected from the wind and other constraints.

A high independent shelter

Abrisud If you want to make your swimming pool a separate part in the garden, you can equip yourself with a high independent shelter which is placed around the swimming pool to protect it.

A sliding high shelter

Yvann K To discover your pool at your leisure, the independent high shelters can slide to offer you a clear and pleasant swimming space while having a protected and covered pool the rest of the time.

Wooden shelter

Abrisud You don't like the overly designer style of pool shelters? No problem, you can now integrate wood into the structure to make the shelter more easily blend into the decor of your garden.

A tailor-made shelter

Abrisud And if you want your shelter to adapt to the original shape of your pool, know that you can have a tailor-made shelter. Ideal so that the swimming pool becomes the center of your garden by answering your desires.

A high shelter attached to the house

Abrisud Do you want to bathe without having to leave your home? Be aware that there are shelters that are leaned against the house when the pool is close enough. You can then swim without worrying about the weather.

A shelter attached to a summer kitchen

Carré Bleu Are you used to taking your summer quarters in the garden and therefore have a kitchen by the pool? Note that you can also back your shelter to this space to extend your vacation in the garden.

A pool enclosure between two walls

Carré Bleu And why not place the pool between three walls and leave the last wall in glass walls? This will give you a useful pool all year round: indoor during winter, semi-outdoor in summer. If you live in a region where summers are not always beautiful, this is the solution!

A veranda for the pool

Reynaers Finally, also know that you can fully integrate your pool in a veranda to offer you an indoor pool that remains open to the garden. You will enjoy the pool longer!