Focus on the creations of 5.5 Designers

Focus on the creations of 5.5 Designers

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Created in 2003 by Vincent Baranger, Jean-Sébastien Blanc, Anthony Lebossé and Claire Renard, the 5.5 designers renamed 5.5 Design Studio are four contrary to what one might think. Defining their work as committed and optimistic, they wish to enhance industrial design through their creativity. This gives rise to practical everyday objects which respond to new consumption challenges.

Trendy table lamp

5.5 Design Studio For La Corbeille, the design studio completely revises the lamp concept and plays with the words of the trend to create a model which is installed directly on a socket and which thus uses the multiple socket as a lamp base.

The Ordinary Objects coat rack

5.5 Design Studio In the Ordinary Objects series, the coat hooks of the traditional coat racks are replaced by hangers.

Moulinex Fresh Express

5.5 Design Studio / Moulinex Not only does this robot have an ideal design to make the kitchen more fun, but it is also perfectly thought out to take up little space thanks to all the accessories that attach to the robot.

Infinity Press Revolution

5.5 Design Studio / Moulinex Still for Moulinex, the designers imagined a new robot making it possible to make fruit juices with a process that particularly respects the product.

Heat radiators

5.5 Design Studio / Saazs For the Saazs brand, 5.5 Design Studio is reinventing the radiator by providing it with a glazed surface that allows it to disappear into the room. A real innovation.

The USB 5.5 key

5.5 Design Studio / La Cie With the 5.5 Designers, when we talk about a USB key, they take it at their word and then develop a USB key in the form of a key. Since then, it has been a true classic!

The Pixie collection

5.5 Design Studio / Nespresso For Nespresso, the collective reviews the cups and makes a real nod to the brand's capsules, taking on shape and color.

Wallpapergames wallpaper

5.5 Design Studio / Lutece When the 5.5 tackles the wallpaper, they allow us to write on the walls! With their Wallpapergames collection for Lutèce, they offer a real playground for our creative desires.

Sponges in limited series

5.5 Design Studio / Scotch Brite For Scotch Brite, the designers revise the sponges and give each one a function that can be recognized by the shape they take: a bathtub for the bathroom, a pot for the dishes…