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Pretty cookie cutters for Christmas

Pretty cookie cutters for Christmas

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By this time, you may be already starting to pull your hair out on your New Years Eve menu. But there are other things to consider. For the party to be successful, do not neglect the details of the decoration. And think, first, of the famous Christmas cookies, these traditional shortbread symbols. At, we have selected a dozen cookie cutters to surprise your guests.

Ho, ho, ho!

Kaiser Indispensable for the holiday spirit, Santa Claus is the emblem but above all the star of your table. White and red in decoration but also in the plates. With this metal cookie cutter, you cut your food to a perfect outline. The idea is then to refine the decor with frosting and a few nuggets. 11.20 euros

The jackpot

ScrapCooking Multitude of shapes and sizes, let your imagination run wild with this cookie cutter set in the Christmas spirit. Specially designed to help you in your culinary creations, this box of five tinned steel cutters will be your best ally to make all kinds of sweets. 12.10 euros

As in the firmament

De Buyer Create a real constellation! Perfect for baking, these 5-pointed star shaped cookie cutters are available in several sizes. Made of very resistant food plastic, they allow you all culinary fancies for a superb edible table decoration. 29.21 euros


Birkmann For even more beautiful cakes, this cookie cutter in the shape of a snowflake or star - it is your choice - is the accessory to use for original creations. With large dimensions, 20 centimeters in diameter, these are no longer cookies that you make but rather large Christmas cakes. 17.99 euros

It is an assembled piece!

Tescoma In the same spirit, we love this creation while tall. This kit allows you to make your Christmas tree while cookies by superimposing the different pieces previously cut and decorated. A real breeze! 18.93 euros

Equipped wild

Wilton This assortment of cookie cutters will allow you to make a whole team of reindeer for Santa Claus. With four different shapes you will give a little extravagance to all your shortbread, cookies or cakes but also any savory cake. 6.15 euros

Funny decoration

Feeling Cooking Decorate the tree with cookies like ornaments, Christmas balls and small bells. To make them at home, you only need these two cookie cutters and a small tool to pierce the preparation. On the tree or as a table setting, your "homemade" cookies will be a sensation. 10.54 euros

A great classic

Kitchen Craft Very easy to make your gingerbread men for Christmas thanks to this silicone cookie cutter! Easy to use, you create delicious cookies in the tradition. The edge of this cutter is not sharp, it can be manipulated by a child so that the pastry workshop is fun and family like the party. 11.15 euros

Truer than nature

Ibili This set of four plastic cookie cutters is ideal. With a stencil / pusher, you not only create cookies or cookies in the shape of a fir tree or a snowman, but you also add a printed decoration to them. Convenient ! 6.88 euros