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I want unconventional cuisine!

I want unconventional cuisine!

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If you don't want to go to the classic kitchens of the big brands, you can also create your own style by mixing several pieces of furniture and opting for a recycled style. Here are some ideas for you to prepare an original cuisine.

Elements to assemble

Ikea ### At the decoration brands, you will find simple kitchen elements to be modulated as you wish. It is low cabinet furniture that can accommodate a sink or hob.

A stainless steel kitchen

Ikea ### Like professionals, you can bet on stainless steel elements that you assemble. You can then have a wooden worktop to tie everything together.

Occasional furniture

Fly ### If your apartment already has a sink, decorate it with additional furniture to place your hob and microwave. This solution is ideal for small spaces.

Antique furniture

AM.PM ### You can also choose to compose your kitchen with large antique furniture that will cover the entire wall surface. Do not hesitate to hunt your furniture for unexpected finds.

A multiplication of low buffet

AM.PM ### To create an original kitchen, you can opt for low furniture such as sideboards and eliminate the high furniture. Like this, you will create a rather original lengthy kitchen.

Wall shelves

Ikea ### Conversely, if you want to occupy the wall surface, you can choose shelves on several levels. The half-height shelf will be used as a worktop and the high shelves will be used for storage.

Mix styles

Saint Maclou ### Do not hesitate to mix several styles by mixing wood and metal for example to give a flea market air to your kitchen.

Storage furniture

Paragraph ### For your central island, you can choose to combine storage furniture that will also transform into a work plan for an aesthetic and practical rendering.

A multifunction central island

Maisons du monde ### Otherwise, you can opt for a two-island central island made up of a blue stone worktop and a convivial space that can be accompanied by high chairs.

Designer furniture

The Collection ### Note that there are also very designer furniture that changes from traditional kitchens. You can even opt for a very refined piece of furniture that looks like an office.

A wooden pallet diverted to a kitchen table

Ready made ### You can also choose to decorate your kitchen with furniture from designers specializing in the diversion of objects. If you have a limited budget, do not hesitate to make your own table using wooden pallets.

Wall storage cabinets

Ikea ### If your kitchen is small, consider making the most of the space by exploiting the walls around and above the door with cupboards with glass doors.

Movable furniture

Maisons du monde ### Likewise, you can optimize the space in your kitchen by preferring mobile furniture like this attractive side table with a retro twist that can be moved as desired

Open storage

Ikéa ### If you have children, the ideal is to opt for open storage. With storage modules on the ground, they can reach things kept at a reasonable height and participate in the preparation of meals.

Craft furniture

Comptoir de famille ### Revisited in practical and functional furniture for today's kitchens, you can also bet on professional furniture. Butcher block, bistro counter or others seduce with their timeless and atypical style.

Tailor-made furniture

Ikéa ### You can also choose to compose your kitchen with storage space exactly tailored to your means and your needs, which will cover the entire wall surface. You can even integrate your refrigerator.

Multicolored cupboards

Fly The kitchen is a warm and friendly space, so if you like color you will choose a set of multicolored cupboards that you will find at a very reasonable price in all the major furniture brands.

Wall adhesives

Ikea ### Also remember to personalize your kitchen with decorative adhesives. Easy to put on and take off, it's an affordable way to decorate, modernize and give a unique style to your kitchen furniture.

An original wall covering

Graham & Brown ### If you want to bring a touch of originality to your kitchen, finished the bland and tasteless white walls we prefer a bold wallpaper. Graphic, trompe l'oeil, material effect ... the wallpaper plays on all tables to create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen and boost your decoration every day.