20 decor ideas for small bathrooms

20 decor ideas for small bathrooms

Combining "small space", "practicality" and "decoration" is not impossible. This is precisely the story of these 20 bathroom designs which have been able to exploit every square centimeter and show ingenuity. Get inspired!

Toned yellow to enlarge the space

Juvet Landscape Hotel's The trick to optimize space: the triangular corner washbasin. The little decorative touch that we love? The yellow color of the wall covering and the splashback that infuses a sacred dose of punch in the bathroom! Source: Living in a shoe box

Multifunctional mini bathroom

Greshome - INT 2 Architecture Thanks to a well thought out layout, a laundry area and a shower area manage to find their place in these two small bathrooms. Source: Salveanoiva / Home listy

Walk-in shower to save space

Ikea - Konrad Kalbarczyk If you have a small bathroom, it will be necessary to optimize the space. To do this, invest in a walk-in shower that will occupy little floor space. Source: PC House - Urzadzamy

2 in 1 in a small bathroom

Leroy Merlin A bench that transforms into storage space is the practical solution for optimizing space while retaining preparation space.

White and wood in a small bathroom

Albrun by Biel These two white earthenware bathrooms are accompanied by wooden elements to bring a natural touch and avoid a certain monochrome. An idea to remember! Source: Forum ivd

Immaculate mini bathroom

Roxburgh Mc Ewan Using white is always a good solution when you want to enlarge a space. A tip that therefore lends itself particularly well to small bathrooms. Source: Desire to inspire

Small black and white bathrooms

Romain Ricard - Social Kauf Black floors, black and white furniture: here, the black & white duo dresses these small bathrooms with a resolutely graphic look. Source: Carreau colors - Garzon {rel = "nofollow"}

Mini graphic bathrooms

A Beautiful Mess - Raca Architekci Graphic paintings combined with furniture with contemporary lines: this is the magic formula of these two small bathrooms which inspire elegance and softness. Source: Room Decorating Ideas

Mini bathroom with bathtub

Heat wise - Duitang Breathe, it's time to relax. This is what these two small bathrooms with brown floor coverings and small baths evoke. Source: Lushome / Homedit

The bright decor idea in a mini bathroom

Castorama To create the illusion of a larger space in a ** small bathroom **, play with the brightness of the room. The large windows give the effect of a larger, airy interior. But not only that: reflections also play a major role in achieving this greater space effect in the bathroom. Use materials such as glass, reflective or slightly transparent surfaces to breathe the decor of the room.

Small bathroom, maxi storage

Ikea In a ** mini bathroom ** it is best to optimize the space with functional storage. Think of spaces that may go unnoticed, such as shelves above toilets, under-sink compartments, or wall-mounted storage to use the ceiling height. All means are good to save space in the bathroom.

Different textures for a small natural bathroom

Castorama Transform your ** small bathroom ** into a soothing room by leveraging a palette of natural tones and different textures like here with this dark stone wall. For example, opt for shades of brown, gray and sand to create a relaxing atmosphere and restore the cachet that your bathroom deserves. This decorative tip is ideal for obtaining an elegant spa-like universe even in a more limited space.

Luxury style parental suite

Castorama There is not necessarily a need for large, airy spaces to create a luxury parental suite. A few key tips are enough to optimize your space and everything, without minimizing your comfort. For example, use a shelf, a bookcase or light fixtures to separate and compartmentalize your room into two very distinct spaces. You will have everything at your fingertips in a single airy and functional room.

A small 2 in 1 bathroom

Jacob Delafon To save space in a mini bathroom there is no secret. Go for the 2-in-1 tips like here with a much more functional bath-shower capsule. Thus, it is also easy to take a top-notch shower before arriving at the office and to have a moment of relaxation after work with a good hot bath. Small bathroom or not.

Optimized space in a small bathroom

Mobalpa It is not always easy to combine designer furniture and a small bathroom, especially when the layout of the room is convoluted. The trick here to save space without minimizing the decor is to organize the bathroom lengthwise. The room is functional and remains airy. Ingenious.

A walk-in shower in the bathroom

Mobalpa To give luxury spa air to your small bathroom, a solution: the walk-in shower. Not only will you save space but you will gain character. As here, combine the shower at the bottom of the room with a double sink in length to give this effect of depth without overloading the space. We validate!

Minimal decor in a small bathroom

Ikea Is your bathroom too small? So let's get straight to the point and keep just the essentials as here: small tall storage unit, sink, shower, mirror and functional accessories. Perfect for not overloading your small room and keeping all of your everyday items close at hand!

A neutral palette in a small bathroom

The bathroom company To give the illusion of a larger bathroom without breaking the walls, like here, choose a palette of light tones. From floor to ceiling, through furniture, combine different materials in more natural colors to get a bathroom that breathes. Add a few small splashes of color with accessories and voila!

Tangy prints in the bathroom

Ikea Who said that small bathroom necessarily means zero style? Yes, your room is small, but leaving the bathroom decor aside is out of the question. So we boost everything with original color prints, and like here we start by tackling the tiles. The result promises to give a second youth to your small bathroom.