Stretch ceilings: find out what's new

Stretch ceilings: find out what's new

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The stretch ceiling remained a confidential product for a long time, little acclaimed because of its installation complexity and its high price. As technologies have evolved and prices have been lowered, it is now experiencing a real comeback! Its ease of maintenance, its anti-noise properties and its adaptation to all types of supports and forms make it a very attractive product, and this for a price equivalent to that of a painted ceiling. What if you let yourself be tempted?

A house stretched from A to Z!

Luxtend The stretch ceiling is not only reserved for the kitchen or the bathroom, even if individuals have a preference for these two rooms which are often damp and more messy than the rest of the house. Its acoustic comfort and its many aesthetic variants now encourage us to install them in the whole house!

Impressions in technicolor

Ispan The stretch ceiling is above all chosen for its aesthetics: it indeed offers far more decorative possibilities than a traditional painted ceiling. This purple lacquered model, proposed by Ispan, gives the bedroom a very contemporary look and beautifully reflects the outside light.

Endless decoration possibilities

Alyos With the stretch ceiling, all fantasies are allowed! Thanks to a wide range of colors and multiple finishes (mat, satin, lacquered, suede effect, mirror, metallic or translucent) this revolutionary technique allows you to let your imagination run wild. It is now easy to adapt the ceiling to the decoration of its interior, like this pretty patterned model signed Alyos which highlights the architecture of the room.

Plant lounge

Alyos Love at first sight for this large, plant-style stretch ceiling, which brings a breath of fresh air to the living room! Available at Alyos, it becomes the real signature of the room, almost stealing the show from the furniture and accessories present in the living room…

Install your ceiling yourself

Swal deco Stretch ceiling, a specialist's business? Not anymore ! The Swal company offers an illustrated explanation for installing your stretch ceiling yourself by following step by step steps. With the cost of installation less on the invoice, it is all the more pleasure in the choice of the product!

A spectacular transformation

Alyos Here is a very convincing before / after illustrated by the brand Alyos. This rather classic-looking kitchen has undergone a shock makeover thanks to the ceiling and the stretched canvas: the owner has opted for the same floral pattern on the wall and on the ceiling, thus giving the room harmony and a pretty retro look. .

Futuristic design

Ispan With the possibility of integrating luminaires as desired, the stretch ceiling allows all renderings, even the most graphic! Ispan offers us here an example of a contemporary bar above which an XXL purple neon seems to float as if by magic.

Sobriety or vibrant colors?

Luxtend At Luxtend, specialist in stretch ceilings for the home, the stretch ceiling can be dismantled and reassembled as desired. The peripheral profiles for holding and tensioning stretch ceilings have an opening and closing system allowing easy and practical disassembly when you change your mind about its decor. Here, two examples of very contemporary corridors imagined by the hexagonal brand: the first has a sleek look while the second bursts with vitamin color. In both cases, the stretch ceiling highlights the whole.

Matte rendering

Extenzo We often consider the ceiling with a lacquered finish, yet it also exists in a much more discreet mat finish! At Extenzo, the aesthetic qualities of the product represent an essential aspect: it has the advantage of masking all the defects of the ceiling (cracks, blisters, non-homogeneous surfaces ...) while restoring a perfect horizontal level and a homogeneity which enlarges the 'space. Another significant point is the simple integration of the lighting - with total freedom of positioning - but also of sprinklers, smoke detectors, air conditioning, VMC, or speakers.

Black & white

Extenzo We love this room with a contemporary and refined style all in black and white! The stretch ceiling plays a major role here in the articulation of the space by framing the bed with a very designer lacquered veil.

Crocodile effect

Alyos The ethnic style returns to the front of the stage, and boldly mixes with Haussmann accessories for our greatest happiness. Alyos is surfing the trend with its stretch ceilings which perfectly imitate the different materials: here the crocodile skin is the star and highlights the chandelier with pendants.

Dare to print!

Alyos Shake up traditional decoration codes and create the element of surprise by focusing all the attention on the ceiling! You can easily copy the idea of ​​this sober kitchen, whose black walls and uniform floor are nicely awakened by the very graphic stretch ceiling.

Passion red

Luxtend Exit the traditional white ceiling, make way for color! This stretched ceiling of a deep red lacquered, signed Luxtend, echoes the paintings hanging on the wall, while giving pep to the room.

Acoustic technology

Alyos Alyos has recently developed its range of acoustic baffles and its frame finishes with two new models: the "L" and "SQ" frames. Designed in aluminum, these tailor-made frame systems widen the technical and aesthetic possibilities by offering the possibility of integrating XXL format acoustic baffles, a backlit or printed finish. Love at first sight for this magnificent bathroom ceiling, placed directly above the bathtub, which looks like a starry sky!

Palace of modern times

Alyos Like the castles of our ancestors, enhance your ceiling so that your guests can look up to the sky! With the stretched canvas, there is no need to repaint your ceiling every ten years: a simple leaching will be enough to restore it to its original appearance. If you are tired of the patterns, a quick change can be made during the day, without the need to move furniture or construction site dirt.

A technique that extends to the walls of the whole house!

Swal deco And if you declined the concept of the stretch ceiling on your walls? A practical and original way to enjoy a wall with impeccable finishes and neat design, as on this model of teenage bedroom imagined by Swal déco.

Design variations

Swal deco At Swal, stretch ceilings have been expressed in every detail since 1981. The latest in the brand's creation studios, stretch ceilings in SWALline® PVC film, much appreciated by installers and decorators, as is the solution for SWALor® upholstery which offers unparalleled acoustic comfort. The stretch ceiling takes on new technical and design dimensions, like this model with colorful patterns, a novelty presented this winter.

Heating from above

Extenzo Did you know that it is possible to integrate a far infrared radiation system into your stretch ceiling? Totally invisible, this new heating mode has many advantages, both in terms of savings and comfort. The feeling of heat becomes extremely pleasant, while the environment remains healthy (no air circulation, respect for the humidity of the habitat, more proliferation of molds, etc.).

Impeccable finish

Luxtend This example of stretch ceiling and canvas shows their adaptability to the existing architecture: the skylight is perfectly dressed, while two spotlights enhance the lighting above the sofa. The stretched printed canvas echoes the sumptuous spectacle of nature, facing the bay window. An example of layout to follow to give relief to its interior!