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Before / After: Develop a sloping garden

Before / After: Develop a sloping garden

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Landscape designer Xavier de Chirac transformed this sloping garden around a sublime mountain chalet. The goal ? Succeed in creating a real harmonious garden, easily accessible on foot despite a fairly complex slope, but also develop a terrace to receive friends in the sun. The work presented has not entirely finished and the plants have not yet been planted, but the change is already radical. Here are the first steps of this successful project. ** Area: ** 5000m² ** Budget: ** NC

Create embankments

Xavier de Chirac ** In progress: ** The part of the garden in front of the house has been arranged by creating embankments and then adding retaining walls to stabilize the earth and avoid landslides. This will also allow, later, to enhance the flowers that will be planted.

Build a terrace

Xavier de Chirac ** Before: ** The owners wanted to arrange a pine terrace to take advantage of their outdoor space. This extension of the house had to be done in several stages after a lot of work of earth movements, embankments or even ruptures of slopes.

Arrange trays

Xavier de Chirac ** In progress: ** Different trays have been fitted out with alfalfa slabs and stone to distinguish the different spaces of the garden and to be able to create winding paths in order to circulate better.

Constraints specific to the sloping garden

Xavier de Chirac ** Before: ** The difficulty of the site lay in the fact that it was important not to distort the site but also to respect the ecosystems. The landscaper therefore began a long-term work, over more than two years, in order to model the ground, to return to the site regularly to see the evolution of the latter and to move very large volumes.

Build wooden stairs

Xavier de Chirac ** After: ** Often a sloping garden does not offer ideal accessibility. To be able to circulate better around the house, Xavier de Chirac connected the landings of the outdoor space with stairs. A first, which leads to the main entrance, was designed with natural materials and wooden steps, with a little grass so that the water does not run off.

A hilly and flowery garden

Xavier de Chirac ** In progress: ** Who said that a sloping garden should not be flowered? On the contrary, this arrangement makes it possible to enhance your plantations more and to better light them. On this unfinished site, the landscaper must still decorate the land with plants that will please on this type of slope, namely local plants as well as perennial trees and shrubs.

Mistakes not to make

Xavier de Chirac ** In progress: ** To develop a sloping garden, you have to be aware of the mistakes you should not make. According to Xavier de Chirac, you must not be brutal with the terrain but wait patiently for the land to settle. This therefore necessarily commits you to fairly substantial work over several months or even years depending on the size of your space.

A natural landscape

Xavier de Chirac ** After: ** The landscaper wanted to stick as close as possible to nature. This is why, he installed paths in natural stone pavers to circulate from one space to another but also rock staircases and grass ramps. This allows not to distort the land and keep this chalet spirit in harmony with the wooden residence.

Materials that blend into the decor

Xavier de Chirac ** After: ** It is strongly advised not to use materials in the opposite direction to the location. Here, we have taken care to choose materials that blend into the decor, so much so that we do not have the impression that the garden has been landscaped. For more information, visit the Xavier de Chirac website.