Kitchen island and dining area, 2 in 1

Kitchen island and dining area, 2 in 1

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Very trendy in spacious kitchens, the central islands take the shape of our desires: some multiply the storage space, others host a cooking pole or a water point, others still split the work plan in metamorphosing morning, noon and evening in the dining area… These latest models particularly attract our attention, because cooking and then having your meal in the same space is still very practical!

A large bar counter

Lapeyre Have you always dreamed of having a bar in your interior? This kitchen (Ytrac reference) will perhaps make your dreams come true. It has a long worktop which also serves as a lunch counter in your kitchen. Convenient when you want to eat on the go.

A designer island

SoCoo'c This kitchen island is ingenious and very elegant. It saves space in a U-shaped kitchen and has space to eat. The living room is thus reserved for leisure and relaxation, which is significant if you do not have children for example.

A large retractable table

Perene In a large living room, a retractable table allows the island to transform into a dining table to accommodate your guests. You can store it when you are with your family to save space.

A double dining room

Mobalpa Having a dining area does not necessarily mean saying goodbye to the dining room. If you have a large family or you are used to regularly receiving friends for dinner, you can quite have a slightly more formal dining area and a dining area on your island for quick lunch or snack during the day.

One room, two spaces

Purpose This kitchen is open but it has two very distinct spaces. The first is a real kitchen with work surface and storage elements, while the other is dedicated to children's meals or snacks. The good tip is to store your utensils and small appliances on one side and food and dishes on the other.

Visual separation

Mobalpa No partition in this American kitchen either, and yet it allows you to both cook and have breakfast with your family on the other side of the worktop. The island then becomes a two-in-one living space, more functional for circulating in the room.

A real dining table in the kitchen

Schmidt For lovers of seated dinners, this large island extends into a real dining table. You can enjoy meal times more comfortably without leaving your kitchen. The little extra decoration? Create a separation between living room and kitchen with a different floor covering.

An optimized island

Lapeyre In a small kitchen, the island is essential to centralize the preparation of meals but also a space to taste the good dishes you will have prepared. This model (Eyre reference) has it all thanks to its open niches and closed cupboards for storing condiments and cutlery.

An ingenious little ledge

Ikea At Ikea, no large dining table but a small snack corner ideal in small spaces. All you have to do is install chairs to be able to have a quick snack in your kitchen.

A dining area added to my central island

Lapeyre Even small islands can be transformed into a dining area! The proof in pictures with this side table which comes to lean against the central island, thus creating a new space where one can dine without leaving the kitchen.

A dining table for my central island

Baker This funny island is completely unstructured with a classic part and another perpendicular which forms a side table for meals.

A liftable dining area on my central island

Another paragraph so that the central island and the dining area become one: provide it with a liftable tray, hidden when it is stored, on one side of the kitchen island! To eat as a couple, as a couple ...

A dining area aligned with my central island

Alinéa This central island reveals a storage side and a table side on which there are 3 bar stools for dining in small groups under the sign of conviviality.

A dining area on my extending central island

Purpose Here, a table top was installed in the extension of the central island. An original but clever way to improvise a small space dedicated to meals in the kitchen!

A dining area above my central island

Hygena Conversely, here, the table fits on the central island and not below. Because it completely covers it, one would almost forget its presence. Discreetly ingenious.

A dining area slipped under my central island

Hygena The pull-out center island is a fine example! A table fits into place just under the island to offer a space where to eat in the kitchen, discreet and easy to remove from the visual field.

A dining area on my central island 3 in 1

Alinéa We like this central island for its multifunctional side. It indeed combines a sink, a storage pole and a ledge like a table that will allow lunch breaks.

A foldable dining area on my central island

Hygena On the side of the central island not directly overlooking the kitchen, there is a lifting side table that can be lowered and installed as desired (and meals)…

A dining area perpendicular to my central island

Hygena Above the central island, a perpendicular side table is inspired by American bars. We settle around for lunch or dinner with family or friends!

A dining area on my central island with wide borders

Hygena With a work platform wider than its support, this central island naturally accommodates high chairs so that one can come and sit there like around a table. Make way for conviviality!

A low work plan for my island

Kitchen Plus Here, the island is practical by adopting the height of a classic table so that you can install chairs for meals.

My island split in two

Aviva In this kitchen, the island is divided in two by a space of plants: one is for the preparation of meals and the other for tasting.

A bistro space for my island

Ikea In this bistro-inspired kitchen, the central island serves as a bar and many high stools are installed for a very friendly atmosphere.

Two square parts for my island

Conforama In this kitchen, the island plays the geometric card with two squares: one for the central island and a lower one that serves as a dining table.

My counter-style island

Aviva In this long kitchen, the island offers a dining area over its entire surface thanks to high stools that slide under the worktop.

A dining area all around my island

Ikea This central island is entirely part of the kitchen and allows you to settle down for meals all around the kitchen.

An extension for my central island

Aviva Here the central island offers a larger size in length in order to offer you an additional dining area.

A dining area within my central island

Aviva To sit at the table in the kitchen, this central island offers a space where to slide high stools. Ideal for cooking while staying with your family.

A small table with my central island

Aviva In this kitchen, the central island separates into two parts. The first serves as a cooking space with a classic island and the second part is a table against the island but which then offers a classic table size.