50 decor ideas for a red and white wedding

50 decor ideas for a red and white wedding

Looking for new ideas for a red and white wedding theme? These cheerful, chic and refined colors are the promise of a modern wedding, full of pep and good humor. Chipés on Pinterest, discover our 50 favorites.

So British!

Michelle March

Chic and trendy, dare an English theme on your wedding day. A tricolor tablecloth printed tartan in the colors of the British flag, a red and immaculate floral decoration ... Enough to satisfy your desires to escape with elegance and subtlety! Source: Southern weddings


Kellie Kano Photography

Do you love the art of living in the countryside? Bet on the country theme that will breathe freshness and simplicity on D-Day! In terms of decoration, you will opt for a red and white gingham tablecloth and will have here and there beautiful field flowers which alone will bring a nice bucolic note to your table. Source: Inspired by this

An edible place card

Lev Kuperman

Apples have more than one trick up their sleeve! We particularly like them diverted into gourmet place cards. For your country wedding, do not hesitate to combine them with liberty print napkins. Source: Ruflled

Green candle holders

Domestically Blissful

Mini budget, maximum effect for these gourmet candlesticks made from apples and small candles. Source: Domestically Blissful

Candy bar: popcorn

Morello cherries - Julie Cerise

For your wedding in red and white, popcorn dress in their finest attire. Packed in a graphic bag or arranged in a simple cone, it's up to you! Source: One fine day

Sweet treats!

Candy warehouse

If you place your wedding under the theme of winter, know that it will be impossible for you to overlook the barley sugars and other sweet treats. In a candy box on your candy bar or hung as decorative accessories, they will inevitably cause a sensation. Source: Principles in action

Edible place cards

Martha Stewart - Decozilla

The simplest ideas are often the best. Mini budget, maximum effect for these two edible placeholder ideas. On the one hand, a first model made from nuts and on the other, a second model made with cut radishes. Source: Martha Stewart & Decozilla

Tie and Dye

Becky Hill

The Tie and Die trend takes up residence on the wedding table decor with this pretty faded red tablecloth. This pretty variation of colors will easily find its place if you have decided to place your union under the bohemian chic theme. Source: Be inspired pr

Printed balloons

A beautiful day

Difficult today to find a birthday party without the essential balloons. Turn back the time of a day in childhood and blow your guests with pretty balloons printed "love". An original way to seal your union! Source: One fine day

A red and white mounted piece

Cakes by Noida - Unity Weddings

Have you opted for the traditional assembled piece? This is no reason to miss the theme. The red and white dress code is also required. Source: Destination wedding mag & Unity Weddings

A nature ceremony

Embrace life photography

The advantage of the open air ceremony is that it gives you more freedom in terms of decoration than in an enclosed space that already has its own characteristics. To stick to the red and white theme, you can install an arch and take advantage of the surrounding trees to hang candles, flowers or garlands, create a flowery alley on the chosen theme, arrange red rose petals or pretty immaculate bouquets… so many possibilities that will allow you to create a magical setting! Source: Decorideaz

The ceremony seats

Melanie Tuero - Polina Kholodova

White seats with a retro design surmounted by a red ribbon for a country atmosphere or immaculate seat covers, sublimated by pretty flowers for a chic and elegant style ... it's up to you! Souce: Wedding chicks & Melanie Tuero

The choice of bouquet

Craig Williams Photography

From the choice of place, to the table decoration and the music, every detail counts. To stay in the theme play the card of the bouquet of red and white roses. You have chosen to wear an immaculate wedding dress, no problem! Prefer a bouquet of red flowers! Source: Whimsical wonderland weddings

Green peas

Milk & Paper

You like the quaint and retro charm of peas. XXL version on a tablecloth or peas on decorative accessories they have everything good! Source: One fine day

A wedding ring cushion

Bridal Photo

A classic immaculate cushion decorated with beautiful pearly pearls raised in a bright color such as burgundy red through a delicate ribbon, this is what you need if you want to get married under the sign of elegance and glamour. Source: Marriage

Delicate menus and table numbers

Craig Williams Photography - TakeNoteCreations

Topped with a pretty red ribbon and a diamond decorated with rhinestones, this menu and this table brand are likely to charm more than one! Sources: Whimsical wonderland weddings & Etsy

Pop cakes

The toasted sprinkle

Yummy, we dream of crunching in these delicious and elegant pop cakes, perfect for a winter wedding! We claim it again and again! Source: The toasted sprinkle

Decorative gems

Just a Smidgen

No need to clutter your wedding table decor! Bet on simplicity and efficiency with pretty stones or tangy candies that will enhance with peps and elegance a table a little too classic. Source: Just a Smidgen

Outdoor benches

Kellie Kano Photography

Are you getting married in the summer and you want to take advantage of the good weather and the outdoor setting? Do not forget to create a cocoon space where your guests will enjoy meeting. We thought of this pretty retro composition ideal for a bohemian chic wedding or in the colors of the Orient. A delight for the eyes! Source: Inspired by this



Lights have an important role in decorating a wedding. Lanterns, lanterns and other candles will tend to dim your space while providing a very warm touch. For more originality, do not hesitate to mix red lanterns with white lanterns, to combine various shapes and to combine several sizes. Source: One fine day

Photophores to make

Cores da casa

And if you like above all to create, you also have the possibility of making these pretty candle jars designed using red and white buttons. Nice isn't it? Source: Cores da casa

The Scandinavian touch


Graphics, refined and a bit Nordic, we love these pretty handmade candles made from candle wax. If you want to get started, take a quick look at the tutorial concocted by the famous wedding blog Un beau jour. Source: One fine day

Two-colored straws

Kellie Kano Photography

A successful marriage also requires small details that will enhance your red and white party decor with small subtle touches. One idea: two-tone straws. Source: Inspired by this

Vichy cutlery holders

Sweet Candy Photography

Likewise, if your budget is tight make a difference with pretty cutlery holders made from gingham fabric. A refreshing idea for your spring wedding. Source: One fine day

The gingham print

Newport Light Photography - Inspired by this

Otherwise you can also prefer them on the table of the bride and groom or as decoration of vases. Modernized, the red and white tiles of our grandmothers combine perfectly to create a very Frenchy chic air. Source: Catch my party & Inspired by this

Country picnic

Oh happy day

As you will have understood, the vichy is still as successful and is becoming trendy even on the wedding side. Chic but without artifice, we like the idea of ​​covering your little croque-monsieur with a gingham decor. We would almost see ourselves in the middle of a field for a very trendy picnic! Source: Oh happy day

A decorative truck

Kellie Kano Photography

A red truck, a tray of strawberries, porcelain plates, peaches, refreshing flowers and a good dose of hay ... this is a successful composition, ideal for a country wedding. An idea to remember! Source: Inspired by this

XXL registration

Polina Kholodova

Like the posters of great movies at box offices, do it big and seal your union with an inscription bearing the image of the two newlyweds. One thing is certain, no one will forget that you are the actor of this very special day. Source: Wedding chicks

"Mr & Mrs" supports


Less imposing but just as charming, you can bet on discretion with these magnificent supports for the table "Mr & Mrs", at the top of the trend. Source: Etsy

So romantic

Julie icing on the cake

At the editorial office, we fell in love with this pretty poetic decor and a touch of romance. Red balloons in the shape of a heart, a beautiful immaculate fabric ... a nice way to immortalize this very special moment. Source: One fine day

A refreshing cocktail

Cynthia Martyn

Exit traditional cocktails, dare to be original with refreshing drinks in the colors of your theme. A few watermelons, a touch of mojito, sticks and a white plate… and that's the job. Source: Cynthia Martyn

Photobooth accessories

Maro Designs

Born in the United States, the famous Photobooth consists of taking a photo using fun and quirky accessories in a place conducive to fun. Get ready to play with this unusual mouth-shaped object! Source: Etsy

Bistro-inspired panels

Polina Kholodova

Whether they act as traffic signs, menu, decorative accessory to arrange the guests or to collect the thoughts of the guests, we like the idea of ​​this table in a small bistro style. Source: Wedding chicks

Very colorful drinks

The pretty blog - Out of the box

Glass bottle or jar… all solutions are good for accommodating your drinks. Do not forget to have red and white bicolour straws or decorative accessories in the shape of a heart. Sources: The pretty blog & Out of the box

Tablecloths inspired by nature

Julie icing on the cake

Do you dream of a wedding decor that showcases the wonders of nature? This is possible thanks to these two bucolic decoration ideas. On one side a sheet topped with heart-shaped patterns, on the other a floral tablecloth twisted by peas and red bands. Source: One fine day

A tent

Wicker blog - Ande sobre almofadas

Small marquee for a wedding in circus colors or Berber tent with bayadère patterns for an oriental or bohemian wedding, it's all a question of taste! Sources: Wicker blog & Ande sobre almofadas

A pocket marquee

A beautiful day

For your wedding on the theme of the circus we offer you this very nice DIY: a box to hide small surprises for its guests that evokes the marquee of a circus. So if you have some time in front of you and you like the idea, don't hesitate to take the plunge. Source: One fine day

Pop confetti

A beautiful day

You are creative and like to tinker with your little hands, that's good! We have found for you a great idea for your confetti throws: the pop confetti. Red balloons, a few disposable cups and ribbon and voila! Simply sublime! Source: One fine day

Winter wedding

Sweet something design - The fab guide

Are you planning to get married at Christmas time and have you decided to honor the symbols of this special holiday period? Perfect ! Red and white will adapt perfectly to your theme. Dare cutlery holders in the form of slippers or decorate your tables with burgundy balls, barley sugar or holly. Source: Blog of Francesco Mugnai

An original wedding invitation

Crea by be lovely

Adam and Eve ... The forbidden fruit ... The evocation of original sin can give an original announcement, and this one is very successful with its crunchy love apple in the shape of a heart placed on a porcelain plate. We want more! Source: Etsy

Delicate flowers

Julie de Bellaing

What would be a successful marriage without natural flowers arranged on each of the tables. It is therefore impossible to ignore this key position! As a centerpiece or table runner, they will brighten up and enhance your decor in the blink of an eye. Source: Ideas for a pretty wedding

A floral composition to do either

Rifle Design

Your budget is tight and you have chosen to bet on a handmade decor? That's good, we have what you need! For the occasion, we offer you this magnificent floral composition made using paper and paper. It would be a shame to miss it! Source: Oncewed

A romantic garland

Carla Ten Eyck Photography

We love these pretty paper garlands, in the shape of a heart, which will surely bring a romantic touch to your decor. Bonus? They are quick and easy to make. To eat! Source: Etsy

A save the date retro chic

Mister M Studio

If you are looking for ideas for your invitations and other place cards, we have found for you a small stationery business: Mister M Studio. Sarah, the designer will offer you original ideas, sometimes retro like this red and white save tea day. It would be a shame to miss his sublime creations. Source: One fine day

Hearts want you there!

The adventurers of life

Symbol of love, for your wedding in red and white surprise your guests with heart-shaped decorations. Perfect in a discreet universe with decorative elements that balance the whole, they will quickly become the decor hit of this very special day. Source: The adventurers of life

A retro centerpiece

Celine Zed - Halberg photographer

The trend is for nostalgia. With this idea, the vintage retro style invaded the wedding decoration. Evidenced by these pretty checkered table runners in gingham print, straight out of our grandmothers' drawers. And, to bring a poetic touch to its decor, we will not hesitate to install here and there old decorative objects and delicate flowers. Sources: What Martine likes & Retro marriage

Soap bubbles

Sugar flower photography

Are you tempted by a shower of soap bubbles? No more confetti cannons to liven up your wedding outing and make it unforgettable ... bet on originality with this tube of discreet soap bubbles and design at the same time. Source: The bride next door

A balloon-shaped announcement

Love obsess inspires

The preparation for the wedding begins with the sending of announcements. Breathe your guests by sending them announcements in the form of red and white balloons. They will have to inflate them themselves to find out the date and place of the reception! A good original and unusual to announce his union, we love it! Source: Buzzfeed

Wedding Invitation

The girl with the red bow

Otherwise, you can also opt for a more traditional invitation. One watchword, however: respect the chosen dress code! Source: The girl with the red knot