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These coverings that mimic the lawn

These coverings that mimic the lawn

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A symbol of outdoor gardens, the lawn is today infinitely imitated so as to cover the partitions or the lawn of the balcony, terrace or living room in a natural version. Demonstration through this small green panorama which gives us the feeling of being in total harmony with nature.

False grass inside outside

Leroy Merlin ### To create a harmonious transition between the living room and the balcony, we covered the floor with fake grass from the steps leading outside. A nice call to enjoy the sun.

False grass for the balcony

Truffaut ### Nice natural balcony on which you walk barefoot as you walk on the lawn for brunch in the sun.

False grass for the partition

Castorama ### After the ground, it is the turn of vertical coverings to draw their inspiration from nature. This is the case with this exterior partition which perfectly mirrors the appearance of barely mowed lawn to delimit the terrace in style.

False lawn, gradient green

Truffaut ### To energize the lawn of the terrace, here we bet on grass tiles of different shades revealing a beautiful gradient of greens.

False lawn on the terrace

Castorama ### Another terrace lined with fake grass on the ground. The little extra? Its plant trellis serving as a partition which further accentuates the natural spirit of this high-pitched outdoor space.

False grass inside

Truffaut ### Inside the house a roll of fake grass placed on the ground allows some fanciful staging. Here, rabbits and a branch from which a pretty nest box hangs take care of bringing a little garden air into it.

False grass on part of the terrace

Truffaut ### On this high terrace, only the raised part which is accessed by a two staircase steps is covered with false grass as if to distinguish: dining area and relaxation area.

Fake grass like a garden

Castorama ### Same remark for this terrace whose imitation grass floor covers everything except the dining area. The goal ? Define a "meal" space and a "garden" space.

False grass carpet

Maisons du Monde ### Indirectly floor coverings, carpets are also going green. Under the coffee table in the living room, he chose to create the illusion of a square of greenery that naturally brings freshness and well-being.