What storage for a custom wardrobe?

What storage for a custom wardrobe?

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Once you have chosen your custom wardrobe, do not miss the practical storage that will make your daily life easier. Scarf compartments, tie rods or shoe racks, discover our 10 functional storage ideas for your wardrobe.

Each jewel in its compartment

Interlübke In order not to search for your jewelry for hours, or worse, to have to untangle it, you organize your jewelry in drawers with compartments. Convenient !

No more creases on my jeans

Now! Like a towel rack, you hang a pants hanger in your closet. Ideal for suit pants for these gentlemen who tend to wrinkle quickly.

His shoes like in a shop window

Perene Taking care of your shoes concerns everyone. For the dressing room, there are Perene shelves with edges that allow them to be arranged nicely like a shop window. Easy to choose each morning the pair that will accompany you all day.

We take care of his scarves

Perene Everything is planned so as not to damage your silk scarves thanks to these fabric drawers. Quite deep, we can have several ... our scarves have never been better!

Underwear compartments

Perene Plus questions of cleaning up underwear. Thanks to pretty wooden compartments, you can put your bra and panties in one box.

The ideal accessory for men

Hulsta For men who wear ties regularly, Hulsta offers a tie holder to place in the wardrobe and which can be deployed when choosing the model of the day.

The ultra practical clothes rack at your fingertips

Hulsta Thanks to this modular system, you can lower the rod to its height and thus more easily grab the hangers to take a jacket or a coat.

Nothing is set aside

Thisga Even socks are arranged in the wardrobe! With a multitude of small metal lockers, they no longer risk dispersing on either side of the drawer.

Our pumps are pampered

Anyway Doors Which secretary, businesswoman or simply in love with pumps, would not appreciate having an ideal drawer for nicely depositing your beloved pairs?