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10 ways to revamp your dining room on a budget

10 ways to revamp your dining room on a budget

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Tired of the minimalist association "table and chairs" in your dining room? Do not panic, give you his best tips to revamp this living room ... all without spending too much. Furniture, color palette, table decoration and pop accessories: here are 10 ways to change the decor of your dining room.

Printed wallpaper to revamp the dining room

Harlequin To expressly transform your dining room, opt for colorful wallpaper with graphic prints. If you dare, cover all the walls of the room, otherwise a single section of wall will be enough to have an effect. Enough to style your decor in style.

Illuminate the center of the room in the blink of an eye

Habitat From breakfast to dinner, it is essential to manage the brightness of the dining room. If you are not lucky enough to have large windows in the room, bet on a succession of Art Deco pendant lights in the center of the table. Our advice: do not hesitate to vary the height of the lights and hang them low enough above the table to keep a nice soft light and get more impact across the room. Brilliant, right?

Dress up the dining room floor with a soft carpet

AM.PM La Redoute In addition to its cozy aspect, an XXL carpet placed in the center of the dining room will bring warmth to your decor and transform the room with subtlety. Graphic prints, traditional rugs, Scandinavian-style pop or minimalist palette, anything goes. From now on, you will eat barefoot!

Renew the dining room table decor

Maisons du Monde The decoration of a dining room is also at the table. On the menu: collections of Scandinavian bowls and plates, printed tablecloth, copper cutlery and pop cups. Be creative and have fun mixing styles and materials. For a decoration as pretty in the room as on the plate. A delight.

Dress up the dining room with a pop wall

Castorama Your dining room needs a little boost? Bet on a vitamin color to revive this room. Candy pink, electric blue, apple green… The options are endless. But be careful not to overdo it. Choose a main shade on the wall, which will then punctuate the decor of the dining room. So, dare we?

Carte blanche with mismatched chairs

Vtwonen No need to change all the furniture to revamp your dining room. You just have to look for pretty mismatched chairs to create a nice mix & match in the room. We imagine for example an assortment of Scandinavian, vintage, rustic, fifties or design chairs. A flawless one full of character.

A wall decoration for more cachet

Ikea Whatever the style of your dining room, consider creating a pretty wall decoration to bring your personality and give it dynamism. Mixtures of arty frames, photographs, shelves or decorative objects, there are no rules, the options are endless. The trick is to test your wall decoration on the floor before starting to fix everything to have a harmonious end result.

Customize storage furniture

La Redoute You don't know what to do with your grandmother's old buffet? You may be missing a flagship room in your dining room. Sometimes it just takes a coat of paint, stickers or masking tape to transform furniture at a lower cost. And to take a closer look, it's really worth it.

Dress up the dining room with colorful accessories

Maisons du Monde To revamp your dining room without spending too much, bet on pastel decor accessories. They will give dynamism and modernity to your room. Opt for basic furniture in a sleek style, then enhance it with soft shades. A nice way to mix design and functionality. To chew.