Zara Home presents its new spring-summer 2015 innovations

Zara Home presents its new spring-summer 2015 innovations

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Seaside atmosphere, jungle style, spring look, this summer the tone is set at Zara Home. The editorial 'presents you in pictures these colorful novelties that will give heart to your interior.

A lounge in the tropics

Zara Home The jungle style will still be with us this summer! In the living room, we install here and there accessories that have fun with "earth brown" tones as well as wicker poufs.

Flowery bath linen

Zara Home In this bathroom with a natural atmosphere, small touches of freshness have been scattered here and there thanks to bath linen where the little flowers are queens.

Small flowers in the bed

Zara Home In the bedroom too, the little flowers do their work on the bed linen and cushions. Adopt a romantic atmosphere or simply want a natural breath!

A decoration in the colors of Brazil

Zara Home Yellow and green cushions, a lemon-shaped basket, vegetal touches, and your garden furniture travels to Brazil in the blink of an eye!

By the seaside

Zara Home Seaweed and corals are invited this summer on bed linen to create a delicious sea air in the room. All you have to do is dive under the sheets!

An outdoor tablecloth

Zara Home This summer, we dare on the outdoor table pretty cloth tablecloths. We particularly like this model with knotted cord prints that reminds us of holidays by the sea.

Life in blue and white

Zara Home Cushions, throws, tablecloth, dishes, this summer we see life in blue and white inside and in the garden. The result is most refreshing!

Jungle style in the bedroom

Zara Home Living room, garden… the jungle style is inviting in all rooms of the house and even in the bedroom in a two-color version: white and earth red. Add some wicker or woven bamboo accessories and voila!

An immaculate room

Zara Home Do you want a room that breathes fresh air all summer long? Nothing's easier ! You just need to multiply the cushions, sheets, throws and other white accessories immaculate in the room.