In detail

String lights enchant the outdoors

String lights enchant the outdoors

In perspective of the evening evenings to come, it is impossible to do without lighting allowing you to see clearly in the darkness of the terrace or the garden, but no question either of removing their intimate mood. The middle ground, we found it in the light garlands. Decorative look and soft lighting as a bonus, plus the ability to sneak around…

In the air

Ikéa ### This is a light garland that has grown in height. She strolls proudly through the air, crossing the entire width of the small balcony that she overlooks, while her multicolored colors give her a little festive air…

On the caravan

Ikea ### Unsightly the caravan? Not necessarily ! Here, it has been transformed by colored light garlands fixed around its entire outline. A sublime play of lights, a magic nothing, to which it is difficult not to succumb.

On the terrace

Goal ### Wrapped in a zig-zag on the edge of the terrace, a light garland with small bulbs promises rectilinear night lighting.

On the lawn

Ikea ### A getaway in the garden for a picnic at dusk, we take in his basket: plates, snacks, a plaid and ... a light garland to be placed on the floor. Stuck in a vegetable foam in the shape of a heart, it brings in a delicious romantic atmosphere! Ideal for a tête-à-tête…

Under the arbor

Ikéa ### In order to reinforce the chic and light mood of the garden arbor for evenings with family or friends who are preparing for it, we fix under its tent, a farandole of light garlands. Enchantment guaranteed!

Against the wall

Leroy Merlin ### On the terrace, the light garland shaves the wall from the top with its multicolored colors.

On tree branches

Ikea ### In the garden, the garlands of light easily wrap around the branch of a tree, making it possible to mark the outside with poetry.