Dress up your fireplace

Dress up your fireplace

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You do not give it more importance than that, yet dressing the top of your fireplace, gives it more style. By highlighting its architectural particularity in your interior, you attract attention to it and in the coldest of winter, you warm your interior.

Duo of frames

Passion fireplace Elevate your fireplace by hanging two almost identical frames just above it. It is a beautiful setting to highlight artistic works.

Give flowers to your fireplace

Passion fireplace Hang a triptych representing flowers above your fireplace on the wall. Be sure to center it in relation to your fireplace, it will highlight the straight and frank lines of its architecture.

Design clock

Fireplace passion Simple but effective, this contemporary fireplace is just topped with a stylized clock that echoes its simplicity of style.

The fireplace, a beautiful exhibition space

Maisons du Monde When the chimney is condemned, the latter can also be useful to serve both as a space of expression to arrange your most beautiful objects or to store your favorite magazines.

Dare to color around the fireplace

Maisons du Monde Bring out your fireplace by warmly surrounding it with bright colors. Mirror, candlesticks, carpets, accessories frame it with their tonic colors to enhance it.

A clock above the fireplace

Maisons du Monde There is nothing more comforting than a good chimney fire. Also, get caught up in the time, hang a nice clock just above it. Partly made of wood with an aged effect, it offers a unique and discreet charm which goes perfectly with the fireplace, also made of wood.

Home Sweet Home

Maisons du Monde The nice thing about the fireplace is that it is easy to stage. Here, a few letters forming the word "HOME" are enough to highlight it.

The successful marriage of black and white

Maisons du Monde Dress your fireplace elegantly by placing a few white candles that stand out from the black painted wall. A duo of color enhanced by a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Transparency game

Maisons du Monde To avoid stealing the show from your fireplace mantel, choose to decorate it with decorative objects that play on transparency. Vases, tealight holders and candle holders add up in style.

Dare to build up

Ikea If your fireplace is rather contemporary, even designer, you can also dress its mantle with a multitude of vases. No matter the shapes, colors or sizes, the idea is to play on the accumulation and give a false draft effect.

An XXL engraving

Dein Deal Your fireplace is sober and impersonal, it lacks character? Never mind, bring him a little cheerfulness and dynamism with the help of a very colorful XXL version engraving. Guaranteed effect!

Luxurious vegetation

From the end of the world Highlighting your fireplace does not necessarily mean using and abusing decorative accessories stored on your mantel. In a classic interior, you can just as easily have bouquets of greenery on your marble fireplace. For a romantic atmosphere, also think of flowers and plants in pots.

Gallery inspiration

Galleries Envie d'art Passionate about contemporary creations, recreate the special atmosphere of museums at home by placing sculptures and artistic works from galleries on the edge of your fireplace.

A cage in the fireplace

Maisons du monde Your chimney is not working? This is no reason not to sublimate it! Play the originality card by decorating its home with a pretty cage, right on trend. For an intimate atmosphere, you will decorate it with a few candles and voila!

A diverted chimney

Maisons du monde If, ​​unfortunately, you lack space in your room and you have an unused fireplace, think that you can find a piece of furniture the size of the fireplace. Here a wood stove is wedged in the fireplace, this saves space while maintaining the fireplace space.

Refined atmosphere

Maisons du monde An accumulation of candlesticks of yesteryear, a bouquet of roses or an old book placed on the mantelpiece contribute to creating a fresh, elegant and delicate universe in a room of classic or romantic inspiration.

A yellow coat

Lauredinaire What if, rather than dressing it with a mirror, vases or knick-knacks of all kinds, you are restyling the mantel of your fireplace in the colors of your interior decoration? A bright color like yellow and voila! Make the most of the personalization card by placing houses on the wall, like family frames.


Leroy Merlin Ultra stripped down, this designer fireplace is no less attractive. To sublimate it, the idea is to play the card of the total white look by placing white vases of different shapes and sizes on the edge of the fireplace to create a dynamic in the room.

A fireplace with storage spaces

Brisach Finally, decorating your fireplace is also thinking about the surrounding spaces and how to arrange them! Here, the idea was to frame this designer and ultra-geometric fireplace with two large vertical niches that can accommodate the logs of winter fires.