How to decorate the fireplace?

How to decorate the fireplace?

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Real asset of the house, the fireplace has more than one quality to embellish the interior! The editorial staff zooms in today on the chimney top and offers you ideas for dressing this surface: nature, chic or rustic, a quick overview of smart and trendy arrangements to subtly awaken this space.

Focus on candles to decorate the fireplace

Zara Home Having a fireplace does not prevent multiplying the sources of light. On the contrary ! Accumulate the candles on the mantel to increase the cocooning effect. We do not hesitate to vary the shapes, sizes and colors in order to create a rich and baroque ensemble - soothing result guaranteed!

Decorate the fireplace in a rustic spirit

Maison du Monde Country house atmosphere with the clock / fireplace association: a duo with a certain charm for a friendly and authentic atmosphere which inevitably brings character to the space. Chosen in a voluntarily imposing old design, the clock becomes the ideal decorative accessory to overhang the hearth. It's time to read by the fireside right?

A holiday look

The Inspired Room For a “seaside” style, we opt for a souvenir decoration with the accumulation of various objects. World map and model ship give themselves the change between the piles of books to offer a harmonious whole: a simple but balanced composition that smells of holidays. Also, we search the closets in search of trinkets to shape an ephemeral painting above the fireplace. A clever arrangement, which will evolve over your discoveries and your desires.

My beautiful mirror

Sonia Reixach To compete with the imposing but sublime fireplace, what could be better than a XXL mirror? A refined object which also has advantages by extending the vanishing points of our interior and by multiplying the light sources. Whatever its style, the mirror can proudly take pride of place above the fireplace to accentuate the theatrical side of this architectural element. Put the mirror on the mantel, and you will get a "Haussmannian apartment" style of the best taste!

XXL typography to decorate the fireplace

Maison du Monde The ideal surface for storing objects, the fireplace mantel is just as effective as a simple shelf for staging decorative elements. We have fun here with large decorative letters to dress up the space. To prefer large, typography naturally finds its place on the mantel as on a line of notebook, for a minimalist and cozy decoration at the same time.

Decorate the fireplace with a colorful garland

Noemiecedille With its bright colors, the paper garland modernizes the old architecture of this charming Parisian apartment. Easy to install, this luminous accessory offers, both on and off, a bucolic look to the room.

A cocooning touch

Felix Forest Softness and poetry for this singular installation which highlights textiles. An offbeat bias with a certain charm, thanks to the color reminder between the fireplace mantel and this unexpected object, which delicately dominates the living room. What bring a touch of tenderness in this contemporary space with dark walls.

The fireplace, an ideal easel

Lollyjane The fireplace mantel is ideal for placing works of art, photographs or a giant poster. Hanging or hanging, frames and canvases are easily integrated into this space. For an artist's home effect, you accumulate the paintings in a falsely neglected way - for a more minimalist rendering, rigor is required with a work to the dimensions of your fireplace. This bias creates an attractive echo between the image and the focus, and brings a certain visual balance to your section of wall.