From floor to ceiling, my room like new

From floor to ceiling, my room like new

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How nice to spend time in a nice room, especially when you've just given it a good kick. New more practical storage, tips to save space, new decorative elements that throw it away, in short there are a multitude of ideas to give new blood to your sleeping area. We have selected 10, easy to make!

Paint outlines of windows

Dulux Valentine To give the bedroom a little flair, you can, for example, paint the two walls surrounding the window in a striking color. Duck blue, moss green or even purple are colors that work every time!

Install cupboards around the bed

Ikéa A large wardrobe can quickly impose in a room that does not roll on square meters. Why not put a chest of drawers in place and take advantage of the space around the bed to install large storage cupboards?

Repaint the old parquet

Ikéa Today there are special paints to repaint old parquet floors. If you want to keep it while giving it a little facelift, choose a bright color that will not go unnoticed.

Treat yourself to seasonal bed linen

Desigual To give your bedroom an impression of novelty, you also have to be in the trend for bed linen. Love at first sight for this colorful set which brings freshness and dynamism to spring time.

Put stools as a bedside table

Ikéa When you want to give your room a facelift, no need to spend a fortune. The old stools in the living room can now become very nice bedside tables. Original and decorative, we do not miss this tip!

Invest in blackout curtains

La Redoute Are your old curtains no longer good? Bet on these sky blue models which will bring sweetness to your nights, but which in addition to being pretty, will not let the light pass at sunrise.

Repaint the old dresser

Maisons du Monde If your old dresser is no longer up to date but you still want to give it a second lease of life, repaint it. The bayadère and colorful motif is going to delight him, isn't it?

Recover an old lantern

Maisons du Monde You may have noticed, but the current trend is to recuperate in all rooms of the house. In the bedroom, it is this old lantern reworked as a lamp that leaves us in love.

Choose an original bed end

Maisons du Monde This basket can be as practical as it is decorative. Installed at the end of the bed, it allows you to store the winter plaids as well as the excess of cushions at bedtime while giving a lot of style to this room with a seaside spirit.