A practical children's room

A practical children's room

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A child's bedroom is a separate space in the house. Playground, work and rest area, this room is multifunctional. It is therefore essential to create a livable and practical space so that our pretty blond heads feel good in their room. Do you want to create a practical room for your child? Here is a selection of well thought out rooms for young and old.

Simple and practical

Nino This mezzanine signed Nino is perfect for a child or a teenager. Particularly well thought out, it includes the bed, the wardrobe, the desk and a shelf. The extra thing? A second shelf which acts as a bedside at the sleeping level.

Flower market

Lacase This room is ideal for two girls. The space saving is ensured thanks to the mezzanine which is provided with numerous arrangements. The trick here is to combine the mezzanine with furniture on casters to change the bedroom.

Sleeps and storage

Design Mag Small spaces seem less small thanks to this set which combines two beds and plenty of storage. Our favorite is the large shelf ideally placed at the head of the bed which allows you to have a light and a few books at your fingertips.


Silver shelf Another great example of a combined bed! Here there are many storage spaces and ideally placed under the bed. A desk can even be installed thanks to a retractable shelf. A success !


Gautier Signed Gautier, this mezzanine is ideal for a child or a teenager. Sober and full of storage, it gives free rein to all your decorative desires and those of your toddlers.

Between the walls

Faur Furnishing The walls can be used to create a practical children's room. Cupboards, shelves or desk, all the elements can be integrated. The decor touch? Combine a bright color with white and black.

Smart storage

Home Sweeting Whether you are preparing a baby, child or adolescent bedroom, smart storage is at your disposal. Here, Home Sweeting offers shelves whose placement offers the possibility of creating a seat.


El'lefébien An attic room offers a multitude of possibilities. The sub-slopes can be transformed into storages or shelves to save space assured.

All in one for baby

Vert baudet Thanks to Vert Baudet, you will save space in your baby's room. This collection of furniture is scalable and adapts as well to your toddler as to your desires. The colors are neutral and go well with any decor.