Christmas decor: Tradition style according to Alix

Christmas decor: Tradition style according to Alix

You know in advance that there will be a tree, decorations, Christmas Eve, gifts and the people you love. You love these Christmas traditions because they immerse you in the blessed world of childhood and the family. For all these reasons, you attach particular importance to the traditional decoration of this celebration. With the Tradition collection from Maisons du Monde, we bet you will see red, but happiness!

The scent of joy

Maisons du Monde What could be more comforting than a scented candle at this time of year? Sit back and enjoy this pretty candle in a jar serenely. Scented jar candle {rel = "nofollow"} red in glass, Maisons du Monde, 8.99 euros

It's Christmas !

Maisons du Monde We want to shout it all over the rooftops "It's Christmas" so it's only natural to want to also indicate it on the tree. It's like a cry from the heart. Glass Christmas ball {rel = "nofollow"} 9 cm, set of 4, Maisons du Monde, 19.96 euros

Best wishes

Maisons du Monde This Christmas wreath is just perfect: it is bright, it is joyful and wishes us all the best. We would put it on all doors! Luminous door crown {rel = "nofollow"} in metal, Maisons du Monde, 19.99 euros

Hello owl, cuckoo

Maisons du Monde These small wooden decorations to hang in the tree will delight children. They can hang them themselves without the risk of breaking them and that's great! Christmas decoration owl {rel = "nofollow"} in wood H 25 cm, Maisons du Monde, 2,29 euros

Admiration berries

Maisons du Monde For a traditional and natural decoration, we choose this crown of red berries which seems to have been braided by the goblins of the forest. Christmas wreath {rel = "nofollow"} D 42 cm, Maisons du Monde, 24.99 euros

Table gifts

Maisons du Monde Succumb to the tradition of Christmas crackers, these little gifts to place on the Christmas Eve table for all guests. 6 paper crackers {rel = "nofollow"} printed Christmas, Maisons du Monde, 12.99 euros

Gourmet Christmas

Maisons du Monde Do you want Christmas cookies? Yes ! Do you want Christmas tree-shaped cookies? Three times yes! Three good reasons therefore to welcome these cookie cutters to your home. 3 red Christmas tree cutters {rel = "nofollow"}, Maisons du Monde, 4.99 euros

Keep warm

Maisons du Monde Even when your mug wishes you a Merry Christmas, it is a sign that the magic of this holiday is really, really everywhere! Porcelain mug {rel = "nofollow"}, set of 2, Maisons du Monde, 7.98 euros

We saw Santa Claus!

Maisons du Monde But where is Santa Claus hiding? On your Christmas balls of course! We fall for these delightfully retro balls, ideal for a white and red tree. Plastic ball {rel = "nofollow"} printed Santa Claus, set of 12, Maisons du Monde, 21.48 euros