Designers Guild: discover the new collection of bed linen

Designers Guild: discover the new collection of bed linen

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The Tricia Guild brand appeals to us season after season. Sober or colorful, the collections put the flowers of the world in the spotlight while brightening up the room for adults and children. Whether you want a country decor, retro or contemporary, there is surely a bed set made for you. Today, we prove it to you by presenting the new collection of bed linen by Designers Guild.


Designers Guild The Alexandria set seduces us with the contrast of colors. On a shades of gray, colorful flowers of various sizes are placed here and there. Perfectly highlighted, they bring the touch of originality of this contemporary set.


Designers Guild It's impossible not to fall for the Mokuren set. She artfully combines colorful flowers and black and white flowers. A fuchsia border completes this balance on the duvet cover as on the different pillowcases.

Oriental flower

Designers Guild Very springlike, this set seduces us with flowers of different sizes and always the same color, but also by the white and yellow background. The set is cheerful and will perfectly find its place in a room where plants are present.

Shanghai Garden

Designers Guild The centerpiece of the new Designers Guild collection, the Shanghai Garden set is the editorial's favorite. Once again, the XXL flowers are enhanced by the white background. Whatever the style of your room, this set will find its place in the spring and as soon as you need cheerfulness.


Designers Guild The Astor collection has several functions. Alone, it offers refinement, sobriety and elegance to your bedroom. The elements that compose it can also complement the many colorful ornaments offered by Tricia Guild.


Designers Guild The Venetia collection can be used alone or in addition to another set. Thanks to its perfectly embroidered patterns, it brings a refined and traditional side to the bedroom. Several colors are available. We love !


Designers Guild Biella is a range that highlights shades of color. Available in gray, pink, blue or lavender, the ornaments are sober and very chic. They will enhance the rooms in which the Designers Guild tapestries adorn the walls.

Paradise Birds Sky

Designers Guild Little ones also have the right to have a trendy and colorful set. Tricia Guild has not forgotten them! Here is a magnificent set on which a ballet of flying insects magnifies light colors. We love the mini cushion that brings a personalized touch to the crib. A pretty creation!

Curious Cats

Designers Guild Here is a colorful set full of good humor. It is inhabited by cats of all kinds on the duvet cover as on the pillowcases. Little girls love it and let's face it too!