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Pretty balconies for inspiration

Pretty balconies for inspiration

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Small and large balconies deserve to be pampered as soon as the warm weather arrives to enjoy lunch or reading outside. But before settling there, you have to start by fitting them out! For this, we have put together a small selection of balconies that are prettier than each other to find inspiration.

A Provencal balcony

Bridgman With its ocher-colored walls, white wrought iron furniture and straw pergola, this balcony breathes Provence. Source: Bridgman

In black and white

Casa das Amigas Striped carpet, flowered cushion, braided or metal pots, on this balcony it is a game of black and white that we bet. Graphic and modern, we retain the idea. Source: Casa das Amigas

Retro trend

Danny Dootjes To give a retro style to your balcony, we suggest you go for a few flea markets to find an old side table and two formica stools. Preferably yellow so that the whole breathes good humor! Source: Danny Dootjes

A cozy mini balcony

Pinterest To give a real function to this very small balcony, the owners of the places have deposited a large cushion that serves as a seat on the entire floor and have added a few small decorative cushions to lean comfortably. Perfect for enjoying outdoor reading! Source: Pinterest

A swing on the balcony

Sean & Sonia If we are used to finding them on the porches of houses in the United States, here, it is on the balcony that this pretty two-seater swing was installed. We love ! Source: Sean & Sonia

A vegetable garden in the window

Interior Junkie - Pinterest Greenhouses have become real allies to enjoy a small vegetable patch on your balcony. Aromatic herbs, salads, cherry tomatoes find a place of choice there. Sources: Interior Junkie & Pinterest

A shelf of plants

Ikea If you don't want your green plants to take up floor space on the balcony, place them on shelves mounted specially for them. The result is just as pretty as well. Source: Ikea

Small decorative balcony

Liz Marie Blog Fancy having your breakfast in the sun? Nothing's easier ! Just install a small round table and two wooden chairs on the balcony and add a few decorative items to add a little warmth. Source: Liz Marie Blog

Bohemian trend

Sea of ​​Shoes With these pouffes, pancakes and low armchairs, we live at ground level on this balcony. Surrounded by large green plants, this is an opportunity to make a real break with the surrounding city. Source: Sea of ​​Shoes

A little cocoon

Sea of ​​Shoes With some large cushions and other decorations, a plaid and a candle, this balcony becomes a beautiful space of well-being and serenity. Mini budget, maximum effect! Source: Sea of ​​Shoes

A holiday look

Patio Productions With this giant woven armchair, a large part of the balcony is devoted to the relaxation area. An assumed bias that does not leave us unmoved. Source: Patio Productions

False grass

Lapeyre - Leroy Merlin What a joy to walk barefoot on the lawn… To also benefit from this feeling on the balcony, bet on the false grass which perfectly imitates the real. Nice, right? Sources: Lapeyre & Leroy Merlin

A contemporary balcony

Archdaily Between designer furniture, the black wall and the very contemporary privacy screen, this balcony breathes modernity. Be careful all the same to add some green plants to bring some notes of freshness. Source: Archdaily

A green balcony

Woonblog - Japanese Lower Garden To feel like in a real garden on your balcony, dare the greenery everywhere. We love the very soothing 100% vegetable result! Sources: Woonblog & Japanese Lower Garden

A beautiful garden furniture

Decofilia Do you have a nice balcony but you don't know how to make it functional? We suggest that you install a real garden furniture designed for small spaces where at least four people can sit. Source: Decofilia

A gardener's balcony

Ikea If you have a green thumb but only have a balcony to exercise your passion, don't be afraid to install all the essential tools of the gardener at your fingertips. Source: Ikea

A sofa in a corner

Planete Deco To be able to move easily on the balcony, you can choose as here to position a sofa in a small corner. With a multitude of cushions, it becomes a real cozy space where you will love spending time. Source: Planète Déco

Touches of sweetness

Pinterest To make your balcony as soft as your living room, dare some pastel notes like here with these pretty wooden chairs. Source: Pinterest

Graphic balcony

Stil Inspiration With these geometric pots and these sober colors, the rendering of this balcony is very graphic. Only the wooden and metal furniture and the trio of olive trees bring a little warmth to the whole. Source: Stil Inspiration