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One piece, one color

One piece, one color

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To start a new year, nothing like a little change in the house. For a new decor without generating too much expense, we put on a new paint color that will change the face of the room in the blink of an eye. We then selected a decorative color to adopt for each room. Get inspired!

Beige in the living room

1825 For the living room to be both a space of conviviality and relaxation, we put on a neutral color which will correspond well to the natural trend which persists in 2014. We then adopt a warm beige which will also be a real decorative chameleon.

Red in the kitchen

Castorama If there is one color that persists and signs in the kitchen, it is red! We no longer necessarily adopt it on kitchen furniture but we paint a section of wall to energize the whole.

Green in the laundry room

Fly This room dedicated to cleanliness is awarded green! We adopt it in this space to give a feeling of freshness and good energy, like clean laundry coming out of the machines.

Gray in the dining room

Maisons du monde For a trendy dining room, gray is ideal because it will suit all styles. We can play the classic card as well as the more design according to tastes and the shade of gray chosen.

Black in the bathroom

Ikea Contrary to what one might think, it is not white that we choose in the bathroom but black to take a radical opposite. Black will be an ideal color to create a cocoon of softness and make this room an ode to relaxation.

Blue in the room

Ikea Blue is a very trendy color that will find its place in the bedroom. Indeed, in chromotherapy, it is soothing virtues that would be ideal for falling asleep.

White in the office

Ikea To focus and always move forward, white is installed in the office like a blank page to fill every day. Here is a neutral decor that you can accessorize according to your moods and your projects.

Yellow in the child's room

Paragraph Why just stick to pink and blue for the kids' room? We dare a more dynamic color like yellow which will suit both girls and boys.

Black in the teenage bedroom

Paragraph Finally, teens are entitled to black: a character color for a room with character.