Grandeco presents its new collection of wallpapers

Grandeco presents its new collection of wallpapers

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A quick overview of the new collection of wallpapers 2012/2013 signed Grandeco! Whether feminine, designer, floral or poetic, they share a common point: playing the card of elegance…


Grandeco ### On the wall, this series of dotted lines, more or less large, bottle green color seems to orchestrate a pixelated wall decoration. A rendering for the less stylized!


Grandeco ### Whether the calendar displays the month of August, October or December, whatever! The wall, it stopped in the spring, sowing in the house, a vertical garden of flowers, all in a very British sober style.


Grandeco ### Fancy a chic natural decor? Bet on cushions and poufs in the shape of pebbles on the floor, and a mineral gray rain effect on the walls!


Grandeco ### On a light gray background, pink flower buds, a few birds and butterflies set the mood. Make way for charm and poetry!


Grandeco ### Here is a chic wallpaper as you wish, composed of perfectly geometric waves on a golden background. A nice way to punctuate the wall and create a refined atmosphere.


Grandeco ### Presentation of a floral pastel wallpaper. Here, the rosebuds are linked on a cream beige background to enchant the room very gently.


Grandeco ### Sobriety in all its splendor with this chocolate-colored wallpaper, adorned with ornamental patterns. Or how to create a little royal mood inside.

Ornamental patterns

Grandeco ### Farandole of ornamental patterns on a red currant background that elegantly boost the living room wall.