Make way for graphic style in the bedroom

Make way for graphic style in the bedroom

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Pop, pop, pop, who's there? It is the graphic style, which invites itself into the bedroom for our greatest pleasure. Pastel, fluorescent or black and white colors, cushions and bed linen: the graphic style? We don't like, we love! Then the editorial team found, for you, the best of the graphic style, to adopt urgently in the bedroom.

Pastel blue graphic cushions

Maisons du Monde In this room with a purely Scandinavian spirit, we are charmed by the softness of the colors, between different shades of blue and touches of wood. Special mention for the small two-tone diamond pattern cushion, do you like it?

A multitude of graphic and colorful cushions

Ferm Living A cushion is good but several cushions is better, right? For a bedroom decor that does not lack style, we do not hesitate to play on the accumulation of cushions, guaranteed comfort.

Cushions similar to origami

Hello Pillow Lovers of neon colors and ultra geometric patterns? You are spoiled with these cushions in contemporary design. As comfortable on an armchair as on an ottoman, we have already made room for them in our room!

Sandwich of comforters and graphic cushions

The Cherry on the Cake Out of inspiration when finding THE right excuse to justify your repeated delays to your boss? Look no further, here it is illustrated here: sorry but, my bed, my duvet and my pillows ganged up on me and took me hostage this morning…

A colorful graphic duvet cover

Urban Outfitters We are melting for this graphic duvet cover. In addition to the patterns and colors, it is the contrast with the back of the duvet, a pretty water green, which ends up seducing us. As a bonus: we add a cushion with the image of the now famous Grumpy Cat, did you say GEEK?

Cushions with origami patterns

Fleux Cushions that create the illusion. While you expect to see real colorful origami… SURPRISE! Its magnificent cushions turn out to be perfect trompe-l'oeil. Seduced?

Graphic cushions

Marika Giacinti Favorite for French designer Marika Giacinti. At 29, this plastic artist signs very original creations, with the patterns and colors that charm us, from collection to collection. And all, made in France please!

Neon weight cushions

The Cherry on the Cake Want to wake up a slightly sad bedroom? These are two cushions that should delight you. Yellow dots for the large model and pink weights for the small. And, in addition, they speak!

The graphic is also invited in kids!

Ferm Living And because the little ones are not left out, the graphic style also invites itself into their bedroom. Again, we do not hesitate to multiply the pillows and other cushions to create a comfortable atmosphere, conducive to relaxation.