Transforming a kitchen cupboard into a decorative niche: tendency to follow!

Transforming a kitchen cupboard into a decorative niche: tendency to follow!

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The kitchens furnished with cupboards with doors have the merit of appearing tidy at any time of the day. Only problem? By dint of being wise as images, they would have become almost boring. To remedy this, we found the ideal trick. Remove a door from one of its storage spaces to transform it into an additional decorative niche. Enough to energize places with graphics and originality ... You only have to see the following ten examples to end up succumbing. Come on, scroll down!

Decorative niche "highlighted"

Ikéa If this decorative niche makes us crack, it is because it has been highlighted in white in the middle of orange furniture. Everything not to go unnoticed…

Central decorative niche

Purpose Closet doors without handles, aligned lengthwise and crosswise, this forms a very uniform finish in the kitchen. But that was before transforming the central closet into a decorative niche! Since then, everything on display has stood out in style, including household appliances.

Decorative niche "museum"

Aviva Enhancing a particularly aesthetic object is another strong point of decorative niches. Demonstration with this sculptural kitchen tray, which, embedded under the island, plays it "museum".

Deconstructed decorative niches

Ikea It is not because we are in the kitchen that the decorative niches should only display utensils, plates and household appliances! By replacing them with what sings us, instruments, vinyls, books and others, it's easy to relax the atmosphere and make it more fun!

Colorful decorative niche

Ikéa So pretty, so unique: the decorative niche can also afford to be a real extra tote. Pencils, small cups, trinkets and the like will look great, even without being perfectly ordered.

Bright decorative niche

Ikéa Lumière on the decorative niche! Not only does it attract attention with its lighting, but in addition, its elongated size and the chic collection on display wins all the votes.

Decorative niche under the island

Ixina Under the central island, two shelves play the game of additional decorative niches. We slide in the whole tea service, just to have it on hand during improvised tea time.

Decorative niches here and there

Ikea A few cups here, a few pounds there, the salt shaker here, the bowls there. Lost in the middle of white and white furniture, these few cubic or elongated decorative niches stand out subtly.

Decorative niche shelves

Ixina In order to enhance everyday dishes, it will fit in the only cupboard in the kitchen, which has no door. And the "decorative niche" effect is created.