Highly stylized door knobs and furniture knobs

Highly stylized door knobs and furniture knobs

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The decor to the tips of the nails is to take care of the smallest detail participating in the decor of a room. For this reason, the door and furniture knobs lend themselves to a brilliant exercise in style to offer us an extra-large design choice.

Floral door knob

Leroy Merlin ### The door knobs on the surface are the finishing touch to a romantic decor. Blue or green petals, it's up to you!

Immaculate furniture knob

Leroy Merlin ### In ceramic look resin, this immaculate door knob enhances a charming piece of furniture in beauty.

Door knob "roller" version

Castorama ### With their oval shape, these door knobs seem to mimic the polished look of the pebbles found off the ocean. A nod to nature in green, burgundy red or mineral gray.

Flecked door knob

La Redoute ### Small speckled effect for this resolutely original door knob.

Pastel furniture knob

Castorama ### Soft colors, pink or blue, and round shape for these furniture knobs, which gracefully complement any decor.

Pop door knob

Castorama ### A touch of color to awaken the whiteness of the door, that's a good idea! But which one to choose?

Whimsical door knob

Leroy Merlin ### Game of transparency and creative forms for these door knobs decided not to go unnoticed.

Contemporary door knobs

Castorama ### They are black and shiny, square with rounded tips, square lacquered version: the door knobs are designed in a contemporary style to invest in the most modern decors.

Stainless steel door knob

Leroy Merlin ### Round or oval, the "stainless steel" trend is gaining ground on the side of door knobs.