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Nordic style in children's room

Nordic style in children's room

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Do you like the Scandinavian style, its pastel colors, its graphic prints and other light wood furniture? Your interior is also right in this trend, so why not create this pretty atmosphere in the room of your toddlers. Nothing could be simpler, in a few atmospheres unearthed specially for you, set up a real little Nordic cocoon with your little ones.

A modular shelf

Hay Who says children's room, says need (or rather absolute need) of storage. So to avoid toys and other books and magazines piling up everywhere, choose a modular light wooden shelf. One day a library, the next day, a doll's house or a small car garage, this is a practical and decorative shelf that has it all!

Geometric cushions

Hellopillow Pile in Nordic style, these pretty little cushions with geometric patterns will fit perfectly in your child's room. Do not hesitate to multiply them to create a cocoon atmosphere, your little one will love to curl up there.

A minimalist decoration

Ferm Living Always respecting the Scandinavian style, it is well seen to play the card of minimalism. So, of course, it's not an easy task in your little one's bedroom, often drowned under a wave of toys. Suddenly, we advise you to adopt large baskets to make room and thereby maintain a refined atmosphere.

Checkered wallpaper

Bartsch On the wall, we opt for a patterned wallpaper, always in sober and soft colors, like this beautiful blue and white Vichy. And on the decor side, we play the counting card, pretty, right?

A tent with graphic cushions

Ferm Living And to bring a piece of dream into your child's room, give them a real little corner of paradise. And here is a superb achievement with this wooden tent and graphic fabric, which we embellish many graphic cushions too, while mixing with cushions in more original forms: rabbit, dog and even mushroom.

Modular storage in light wood

Muuto Still looking for storage? After the modular shelf, here is another solution, just as practical and decorative: light wooden lockers that stack up as you wish, and thus adapt perfectly to your interior, it's up to you (and your little piece) to create the storage spaces that suit you.

Mix of patterns, guaranteed effect

Ferm Living Here is a graphic children's room as we like it. Between the white and green diamond pattern on the wall, the patterned bed linen and the graphic cushions, everything is there to make your little one feel good and be on trend.

Pastel lamps

Ikea No Nordic style room without pastel colors. So we fall for these pretty lamps in soft tones, available as a table lamp, suspension and wall lamp. It's up to you !

A trendy bedroom

Ferm Living The graphic trend is in the spotlight in this ultra decorative room: bed linen, cushions, boxes, everything is there to create a comfortable atmosphere, conducive to the relaxation of the little ones.