Wall mirrors

Wall mirrors

Ceasing to be associated with a narcissistic accessory, the mirror becomes, on the wall, a decorative frame ... provided that it is multiplied in 3, 10 or 20 copies. Our special selection "ice cream galleries".


AM.PM ### Oval, square, rectangular: this is a nice assortment of totally mismatched mirrors. Above the sofa, this divine accumulation creates a sensation, between originality, daring and skillfully mastered graphics.


Ikéa ### For lovers of old accessories, found in flea markets, here are rectangular mirrors with gold frames that bring a charming retro chic note on the walls.


AM.PM ### Small trio of so-called "witch" mirrors on the wall of this room. We like their vertical alignment, sober but subtle, and their quirky appearance that creates fantasy in the bedroom.


Castorama ### Above the bed, a series of mirrors creates a romantic atmosphere. Some are oval, others have elegant curves, and the whole forms a charming play of reflections, between delicacy and femininity.

Color block

Ikéa ### The latest generation gallery of mirrors is not cold in the eyes. She dares pop and freshly acid colors. The small gradient effect and the rounded corners create a hyper graphic decor.

By the tens

Ikéa ### By surrounding himself not with a few mirrors, but with more than thirty models, this wall turns into a veritable gallery of mirrors. Everything to impress the guests!


Goal ### The accumulation of mirrors can also be played design with more stylized models of each other, like pebbles or giant checkerboard.