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1825 celebrates 190 years of painting

1825 celebrates 190 years of painting

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A colorful year for the paint brand 1825, which celebrates in this year 2015 its 190 years of existence. For this event, its range is enriched throughout the year with 22 colors imagined by 11 brands and influential personalities according to their affinities with color. Discover the first nuances already available!

Deep black

1825 With Pearl of Black, Aurélie Hémar pays tribute to the values ​​defended by 1825: the refinement, luxury and quality of her paintings. This chic and elegant color will both have the art and the way to sublimate the room in all sobriety.

Retro inspiration

1825 After Aurélie Hémar, it's up to the rising brand Le Colonel Moutarde, specialized in making bow ties, to sign the colors of February. And for this occasion, the brand did not hesitate to use its fabrics to define its two colors Mustard and Ink. Borrowed from the 1950s, chic and warm, these two shades correspond perfectly to the universe of the brand and that is what we like!

Davonn: between refinement and elegance

1825 After awakening our senses and captivating our taste buds, culinary designer Davonn returns to us in March in the decoration sector with the colors Rouge Sâté and Citronella. The opportunity to discover his universe oscillating between Thai cuisine and European influences. Rouge Sâté is earth, fire and daring for those who want to surprise!

Travel Travel

1825 In opposition and by choosing a more tart, almost aromatic nuance, the culinary designer opted for the lemongrass color, a reference to this flavoring commonly used in Thai dishes. Thus, the Citronella color makes our interiors travel in an atmosphere of fullness, softness and freshness.

Kure Bazaar reveals his inspirations

1825 The affinity for color and a similar philosophy, that of offering high quality products, brought 1825 and Kure Bazaar - creator of the first new generation nail polish which combines the ethics of an ecological form with the vibrant colors of Parisian fashion - to unite to expand the range of paint. Between gray and blue, the Hipster color launched for spring / summer 2015 brings an urban touch, ideal in an arty living room or a pure and immaculate bedroom. What make us crack!

Kale, a color in the wind!

1825 Kale, is inspired by a very strong current trend, that of the new greens. For this collaboration, Kure Bazaar thus wished it deep and warm for an intellectual and distinguished interior, like the library of a castle in the countryside.

Color according to Cimmaron Jeans

1825 The Cimmaron Jeans brand, considered to be the precursor of the famous colored over-dyed pants and which has been dressing our legs with a wide palette of more than 70 colors for many years, has made quite a splash this year. In collaboration with 1825, she signed the two colors of May for high-end paintings made in France: Tropical and Sunkissed. Here presented, the Sunkissed color was intended to be soft and bright, for a warm interior, with a small nod to the caress of the sun. Gorgeous !

Make your interior a real space of emotion

1825 Tropical is a color studied to make its interior a relaxing and natural space. A place where you feel soothed and confident.

Anna-Maria Lambert, a well-inspired global citizen

1825 The sea, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Anna-Maria Lambert jewelry designer who imagined for the month of June, Okeanis and Nereids. A great way to bring nature and the sea indoors into our homes and into our lives. We almost want more!