10 inspirations for a designer bathroom

10 inspirations for a designer bathroom

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The bathroom is today more than ever a room in its own right. And on the decor side, she has the right to put on all looks. Today, we have decided to present 10 designer bathrooms that create a most contemporary, sometimes luxurious, decor. Let yourself be inspired.


Porcelanosa The trend is in the unstructured style and in the bathroom, it results in a basin with original shapes. Here a marble trapeze is embedded in a wooden rectangle. Games of shapes and materials.

An original washbasin cabinet

The Bathco The double sink is very practical in a family home or in a parental suite. And to make it original, why not bet on this decomposed model?

Clean lines

Porcelanosa Lovers of designer bathrooms, you will be seduced by this atmosphere which puts on a minimalist look. Simple lines, sober colors and noble materials await you.

In cubes

Hudson Reed No curves and curves in this bathroom, which seems to be made entirely of cubes. Even toilets are made up of squares or rectangles superimposed on each other.

Marble trend

B'bath Marble is in the spotlight in all the rooms of the house, and in the bathroom, it finds its place perfectly. Bathtub, floor and worktop bring a touch of luxury to the atmosphere.


Sanijura In a designer bathroom, opt for hanging furniture that gives an airy feel to the decor. A few red accessories placed here and there enhance everything.

Zen and design

Porcelanosa The Zen style and the design atmosphere sometimes go well together. The proof with this atmosphere that invites you to relax in a very contemporary setting.

An ultra design bathtub

Pyram Love at first sight for this bathtub with the most futuristic look which, however, will not find its place in all bathrooms. It is preferred in large rooms where she can freely put in full view.

Furniture worthy of the living room

Porcelanosa The furniture in this highly designer bathroom could almost find its place in a living room. Fixed on a slate wall, they breathe an air of modernity into the room.