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An original coffee table is possible!

An original coffee table is possible!

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Do you want to give character to your living room? For this, you need an original coffee table that will be the centerpiece of the decor and will set the tone for the room. To help you make your choice, we suggest you discover 10 out of the ordinary coffee tables.

A driftwood table

Maisons du Monde If you want a seaside spirit in the living room or simply a coffee table that brings a touch of nature to the room, driftwood is your ally. Thus, the top of this glass table rests entirely on a pile of driftwood which brings the original touch to the object.

An industrial coffee table

Maisons du Monde For an offbeat look in the living room, you can opt for a round table. Here, the coffee table is actually a tray mounted on casters that could be used to move objects. The industrial spirit contrasts with the classic look of the room for an original set.

A clock coffee table

Maisons du Monde In the trade or to make yourself, you can bet on a coffee table that takes an everyday object. Here for example, it is the dial of an XXL clock which forms the tray of the coffee table. The style is then original and customizable.

A mirror coffee table

La Redoute What better way to play with the proportions of a room than with mirrors? To create a surprise in the living room, we adopt the coffee table entirely covered with mirrors. It then reflects the different elements to create an original trompe-l'oeil.

A sculpture coffee table

La Redoute What if your coffee table looked like a work of art? This is the case of this model with an oval glass top that is installed on an original wooden structure. The design is original and very artistic to enhance the show.

A pull-out coffee table

La Redoute Why settle for a coffee table? With the nesting living room tables, you multiply your coffee tables to create a graphic game in the living room. Do not hesitate to create a shades of colors to accentuate the effect.

A coffee table on several levels

La Redoute To give volume to your living room, you can opt for a coffee table which is not satisfied with a single tray but which offers you several spaces at different heights.

A signage coffee table

Fly When your coffee table sends you a message, it takes the form of a traffic sign to give an offbeat look to your living room. The decor is not forbidden anything!

A designer coffee table

Fly Finally, free yourself from shapes by betting on low tables that are no longer rectangular, like this model similar to a sphere hosting a tray in the middle.