Fall colors: green is essential

Fall colors: green is essential

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When autumn comes, the green of the leaves becomes less vivid and takes on more khaki tones. In the house, the trend follows the nature and the shades of green on the walls and decorative objects darken to give a more intimate atmosphere that is already preparing for winter. Here's how to switch your interior to fall mode using green.

A natural touch in the kitchen

Alinéa In this very bright kitchen, the white furniture and light wood blend with a section of wall in a fairly soft green color that brings a touch of nature and warms the room discreetly.

A green headboard

La Redoute To enhance the large bed in this room, we chose to paint the wall of the headboard in a matt khaki which does not fail to bring out the bed linen in dark color. The whole creates a very cocooning warm atmosphere.

A retro khaki desk

La Redoute To give a retro look to the children's room, khaki is ideal. We install it on a wall and combine it with vintage furniture such as a school desk and old coat hooks. Add a soft carpet for a warm touch.

A khaki sofa

La Redoute In this lounge with autumn decor, the khaki clothing mixes with wood to create a very warm atmosphere. Color settles on a section of wall and the sofa, the centerpiece of the living room, responds to it.

A khaki wall in the kitchen

Purpose To warm up this white kitchen and make it a family and warm living room, we bet on a piece of khaki wall. It gives character to the whole room and does not fail to bring out the high elements of the kitchen.

Retro atmosphere in the children's room

Purpose For an original vintage-inspired room, we combine retro furniture with a fairly dark green. To avoid suffocating the room, it is only used to create a base and the upper part of the wall is left blank.

A warm entrance

La Redoute To give warmth to this entryway, we mix solid wood for the furniture with a deep khaki wall as a backdrop. For winter, we will add an animal skin to further increase the temperature.

Urban atmosphere

Saint Maclou Green, symbol of nature, also settles in a more urban setting. For example, a section of green wall in a dark shade will go well with a brick wall and concrete floor.