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Wallpapers inspired by books

Wallpapers inspired by books

Trompe-l'oeil libraries, stacks of entire collections, pages in series or buildings of words: reading has never inspired our walls so much. A little literature lesson dictated by 10 wallpapers, even more followers of books than we are!

Endless piles of books

Tracy Kendall ### Like the kapla towers that children try to raise as high as possible, this wallpaper has built giant book towers from floor to ceiling. An original and daring layering game that does not fail to amaze us.

Piles of unstructured books

Tracy Kendall ### This wallpaper also reveals piles of books climbing up to the ceiling, with the difference that they have swapped the "aligned" look for the "unstructured" look. A well-led mess resolutely chic.

Trompe-l'oeil library

Tracy Kendall ### With this wallpaper on the walls, we quickly fell into the trap and believe in the real presence of a large library! A visual irony decidedly well mounted and awesome.

Black and white library

Koziel ### Small retro look for this XXL library style wallpaper. Printed in black and white, we like its "old-time photography" side.

Color library

Koziel ### Second version of the trompe-l'oeil library wall. If it is in color, it preserves its authentic and old aspect which reminds us of the libraries of yesteryear. Notice to nostalgic souls…

Personal diary

Tracy Kendall ### Cousin of the saga "books", the wise "diary" burst onto the walls. Personal stories, essays or news, it's a freehand, round and well aligned writing that challenges us. We love !

Strips of books extended in stripes

Tracy Kendall ### The edges of the books stored on our shelves even inspire vertical stripes for the wallpaper. The concept ? Include them in the extension of the books and mix like them, the thicknesses and the colors. Subtle!

Collage of letters and words

Tracy Kendall ### As if we had cut out bits of sentences and words from several books before grouping them together in a vertical collage, this wallpaper plays more with words than stories. And we, we literally melt for its rendering "work of art"!

Multiple choice fonts

Tracy Kendall ### Capital letters, calligraphic or lowercase, bold or italic: the fonts of the words displayed on this wall form a hyper graphic hodgepodge going beyond the fluid and well organized code of traditional books… not without making them a little wink…