10 recipes to get into raw cooking

10 recipes to get into raw cooking

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Raw cuisine is the latest culinary trend. The principle is simple: all the food consumed is never cooked to more than 42 degrees and is, so to speak, raw. If the idea appeals to you, we have selected ten appetizing recipes for you. Good tasting !

The snack to prepare with your children

Kids Activities Aren't these little carrot balls appetizing? They are also ideal for a cooking time with your children. Just mix grated carrots with the nuts you prefer (for the original recipe, sunflower seeds were used), some dried fruit cut into small pieces (apricots, figs, strawberries… you choose) and a little honey. With your children, form small balls with this mixture and roll them in coconut powder. * Source: Kids activities *

Raw burritos

The Global Girl Yes, it is possible to make patties for your burritos without any cooking, a skilful mixture of zucchini and flax seeds that you can garnish according to your preferences. * Source: The Global Girl *

100% raw pizza

This Rawsome Vegan Life This pretty pizza would make more than one mouth water. A paste composed of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and hemp to which we add a little water and maple syrup before passing the mixture through the dehydrator. As a garnish, a spinach pesto covered with marinated vegetables. Delicious. * Source: This Rawsome Vegan Life *

Fried cauliflower rice

Raw Manda Yes, cauliflower is also available in rice (we only use the top of the vegetable). We add the vegetables we like before covering the dish with a sesame oil vinaigrette sauce. Then wait 30 minutes until the sauce is well absorbed, then enjoy. * Source: Raw Manda *

The Raw Pad Thai: the raw Thai salad

Save the green This recipe, simple and easy to make, can be enjoyed all year round. Choose your seasonal vegetables and follow the guide, you will not be disappointed to put a little raw in your menu. * Source: Save the green *

Raw tacos

Foodista To make tacos without cooking, nothing could be simpler. Just mix together a few nuts, spices and soy sauce and form patties with the mixture. Then you can garnish these raw tacos according to your preferences. * Source: Foodista *

Raw cookie dough topped with melted chocolate

Averie cooks Nothing could be simpler: bake a classic cookie dough as usual, but do not bake it. Form small squares that you will place in the refrigerator. Melt chocolate over low heat and sprinkle with the cooled cookie dough. * Source: Averie Cooks *

Raw pudding in a glass

Tales of a Kitchen A delicious idea. A pudding composed of coconut milk and chia seeds, all covered with mangoes in small pieces and a few mint leaves. Pretty little verrines to serve your guests for dessert. * Source: Tales of a Kitchen *

An original and raw birthday cake

Sweet and Sour Do you want to make an original and vegan birthday cake? Nothing could be easier with this chocolate and banana recipe. Gluten-free and without cooking, it is not without flavor! * Source: Sweet and Sour *